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crew cab

  1. T

    2022 4x4 Warlock Crew Cab Patriot Blue

    Hello Everybody! I’m Tony. I ordered a warlock 3/21. After following up the last few weeks I was just told today my truck has now been scheduled for production. Excited for sure for my truck to come. Wondering how long it should be from here? I ordered in Costa Mesa California. I have a pre...
  2. redriderbob

    Ram 1500 Tradesman HFE EcoDiesel Returns For 2022 Model Year!

    Ram 1500 Tradesman HFE EcoDiesel Returns For 2022 Model Year! 33 MPG Hwy Capability With The HFE EcoDiesel... In 2015, the RAM brand introduced the Ram 1500 HFE or “High Fuel Efficiency” model. Based on the Tradesman Quad Cab 4×2 with the 6-foot, 4-inch box and powered by the 3.0-liter...
  3. Hunt0619

    Quad cab Vs Crew Cab running boards

    I’m not sure if this has been discussed or not yet so I apologize if it has been. Im not sure if this is a stupid question but are the running boards different between a quad cab and a crew cab? The reason I ask is because it’s hard to find quad cab steps and I assume mounting points would be...
  4. redriderbob

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition:

    Mopar Introduces Its New Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition: Package Will Be Available This Summer... The Mopar brand unveiled its next special edition vehicle this morning with the launch of the Mopar ’21 Ram 1500 Special Edition. The new special edition pickup marks the second time that...
  5. Blair

    New owner of 2020 Ram 2500 6.4hemi

    Just got it last week to upgrade my van rig. Im a backpacker and snowboarder so always out in the mountains every weekend. I already took it out to June/Mammoth Lakes California this past weekend and it handled the snow and ice AMAZINGLY! June Lake got about 10ft of snow in a matter of days...
  6. J

    Hello from South Jersey

    Please delete my account.

    14" Magnaflow w/ resonator delete

    Sound clip after removing the 2 rear resonators with 14" Magnaflow. 2020 1500 CC 5.7.
  8. RamTruckMan

    "Popping" Rear Floorboard?

    OK, so I'm not even sure how to search for or really to describe this issue. I've never noticed it in a truck. I was vacuuming the rear of my truck and put my knee on approximately the centerline about where the hump would be and the floor deformed under my knee. I lifted my knee and it popped...
  9. P

    Rims n tires

    I’m trying to see what’s best without any problems on puttin 20x12 -44 offsets and 33x12.50 tires with a 2’ mopar lift or even 22x12 -44 offset with the same tire. Has anybody tried that and had any problems? I have been hearing to many stories about them that they will rub and everything else...
  10. DonsRam19

    Maxliner All Weather Floor Mats

    installed some maxliner floor mats in my ram and there really nice i was worried with the price being alot cheaper then the weather techs but they fit great and are actually better then the weather techs. Cost was around $140-$160 heres a video of what they look like in my ram crew cab