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  1. I

    2019 brake fluid change 56k miles

    Managed to get around to bleeding the brakes all around in attempts to quell the brake squeaks this truck has. I replaced all the pads and rotors last year and the squeaks popped up about 3-4 months ago. Fluid was pretty dark, unless Chrysler is using some type of darker brake fluid, I don't...
  2. W

    After market trailer brake controller

    First time RAM owner. New to the forum. I searched for this topic but did not find anything related to this issue. I have a 2023 Ram 1500 Laramie. I have the tow switch on the dash but no intigrated brake controller. I have a small travel trainer I want to tow. The dealer says I do not have...
  3. J

    Fluid Under Brake Pedal

    Hi All, Went out to my truck and noticed fluid, (presumably brake fluid) underneath the brake pedal. I crawled under the dash and noticed the brake pedal arm was lightly coated in oil/fluid and also some of the metal dash supports had rust on them. The shaft that goes into a seal and through...
  4. T

    2021 1500 Brake Moan when reversing

    I have the brake moan in the morning/cold/damp condition while backing out in reverse on my truck. Does anybody know if the Brake Moan kit - Mopar (68446866AA) works on 2021's? Most sights and Mopar says its only for 2019's Just want to confirm before I buy one to install on my truck. Thanks!
  5. Tesla

    2019 Laramie - Loud Brakes in the morning when reversing

    In the morning, or if its been a few hours since I last drove the truck, the brakes will be very loud when I am in reverse. Anyone have this issue?
  6. dlrsavannah

    Transmission or normal?

    I've notice with my 2020 Bighorn that when I'm almost at a complete stop I feel a bump like weight is shifting forward or trans is slightly slipping. Starting off again I feel that same thing but almost like weight is shifting back with a slight bump. It's hard to explain but I was wondering if...
  7. M

    Leaking shocks

    Just wanted to throw this out there to see if this is a common problem or an isolated issue? I had my 2019 Laramie 4WD less than 4 weeks and my rear left shock started leaking. Took a week for them to get the replacement shock in and now I'm back up and running. Anyone else having this issue...