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backup camera

  1. C

    Backup Camera Coaxial Cable Splice

    Seeking advice on best process to splice backup camera coaxial cable and help troubleshooting why I have blue screen on my 12" Uconnect for the backup camera. I've recently rebuilt a 2019 1500 DT Laramie. Bedsides were damaged and I subsequently replaced the entire box. Unknowingly at...
  2. I

    Accidentally disconnected backup camera, Help!

    I popped out my dash to take a look under and it came off to hard I suppose. I have a random white wire floating now and my backup camera has been disconnected (im assuming that is because of the unattached wire). I’m attaching a couple pics. Anyone know how to fix this? I think the white wire...
  3. D

    5th Gen Ram 1500: The $65,000 truck that will end up costing you much more

    Long time reader, first time posting. I was looking for a new truck in early 2018 when Ram announced the new redesign of their entire truck series. I ended up placing a factory order on the 2019 Ram 1500 Limited. After multiple factory delays, I ended up getting my truck 5+ months later. At...
  4. 2

    2019 ram 1500 camera issues

    Seems to be happening on start up when it’s left outside in cold (7-20deg Fahrenheit) Will last only for about 10min the. Goes away once driving. Any ideas of what might be wrong. Pixelated areas always seem to be in the same spot.
  5. M

    Backup camera magnifying

    Is there anyway to remove the magnifying glass zoom feature when I put the truck in reverse? I have a basic 2020 big horn and every time I put it in reverse, to pull into my driveway, the magnifying glass obstructs my view of my wife's Jeep. I would like to toggle the zoom feature off, or I...
  6. Nsleone

    Engine Codes

    Hello all, I've had my 2020 ram 1500 for about 3 months now (got it new) and I have just over 8200 miles on it with no issues until tonight. Tonight just after pulling out of the driveway the engine light came on and my OBDII reader showed codes P1D73 and U1850. According to the internet those...