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android auto

  1. RamCares

    Uconnect 5 FOTA S23.13 - Released 02/02/22

    Good morning to our Ram Brand enthusiasts, Our teams have heard your concerns and will be posting out periodically in an effort to provide you with new update releases and ask for feedback on how to better serve all of you. We appreciate your patience and feedback throughout the experience...
  2. jmcmahan15

    Wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter recommendation

    Any recommendations on a wireless Android Auto/Apple CarPlay adapter? I've seen some on Amazon, but before I buy one, just curious if anyone has any experience with one. Thanks!
  3. NoCrow

    Can't hear google on Android Auto

    Hey guys. First off I've never used any kind of forum so sorry if I do it wrong. I just picked up a 2019 Ram Laramie with the 12" unconnect. At first when I plugged my phone I would activate microphone for voice control and it would listen but not do anything. Then listen again. Then it...
  4. bmarcurella

    Uconnect 12" Software revision 18.45.40 Issues listed - PLEASE BUMP and respond so I can get this sent to the right person(s) at FCA.

    Hey Guys, I just picked up a new 2019 Ram Laramie Sport Crew Cab w/new Tailgate, Customer Preferred package and Level 2 for all the audio and safety at 64K... Now, let me preface this by saying I am a Microsoft Engineer so technology is supposed to be my forte.. However, I haven't seen this...