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air conditioner

  1. C

    Engine issues when idle

    I seem to have a intermittent problem that I cannot figure out. My vehicle still has many factors warranty on it so I'm trying to get it fixed before that goes out. I've tried three times to the dealership and they cannot duplicate the issue. When I am idling in Drive stopped at a stop sign or...
  2. Ilya23

    Air blows to the floor when defrost chosen

    I have never really noticed before but when I choose a defrost mode air blows to the window and to the floor as well. I decided to chose defrost-floor mode and nothing changed. It's very annoying in summer time when you want to choose air to blow to the window only and your feet get cold as...
  3. S

    AC blowing hot on driver side / cold on passenger side

    Hello all, I‘m driving a 2019 Ram 1500 limited (5.7 hemi) and yesterday, out of the blue, I remotely started the truck and the ac was blowing hot on the drivers side and cold on the passenger side. Both sides were set to “Lo”. Any ideas what the issue might be? Thanks!
  4. J

    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem?

    Does 2020 Ram 1500 still has AC not cool enough problem? I know this has been an issue plaguing 2019 models. I did some digging. People are getting 50-60 at the vent as opposed to 37-42 found in Fords. I really like how Ram rides but I simply cannot stomach a poorly performing AC. I wonder...
  5. BEEF

    Multiple a/c blower failures + module fails

    Hey folks, I have a 2019 Ram Laramie Black edition with the 12” nav. In two weeks I have experienced two a/c failures.... I mean no air blowing at all from any vents under any climate selections. Dealer previously replaced the blower motor and the module which fixed it, but now it is back. The...
  6. BoBosarge

    2019 Ram Air Conditioner (automatically comes on)

    So I have a concern about my Ram's air conditioner. During the February/March time frame when outside temps were averaging in the low 60's, there was no need for the air conditioner so it was turned off. BUT with the fan blowing just to keep fresh air in the truck, the air conditioner would...