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  1. T

    Truck stuck in ACC mode when turning off.

    Truck is a 2020 Ram 1500. Started happening 2 days ago. I get to my destination, do my typical shut down (park, hit the ignition button, seatbelt, door). However, now the truck turns the engine off but does not shut the electrical system down once the door is opened - it stays in ACC mode. Last...
  2. S

    Acc/fcw, electronic stability control, antilock brake system all need service at once

    I have a 2020 3500 Larmie long bed. Love the truck! i am cruising down the highway with a 6000 lb trailer under tow. all of a sudden i get a series of messages flashing at me: (1) acc/fcw unavailable service required, (2) service electronic stability control, (3) service antilock brake system...
  3. T

    How to: Add Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane assist, FCW & Auto Hi-beam to Ram 1500

    The following is to be used as a guide on how to install ACC, FCW, Lane Assist, Auto High Beam headlights and rain-sensitive wipers in your 5th Gen Ram 1500, also known as the Advanced Safety Group. I’ve also included a guide at the end of this document on how to install blind spot monitoring...
  4. D

    Forward Collision Issue?

    My Forward Collision Warning/ FCW system occasionally gives me "Service Forward Collision Warning" light with the exclamation mark, as well as the "speed control fault" warning, and it doesn't let me use cruise control. This happened once when leaving the house, and again earlier with some...
  5. Shannonw

    Help: acc and power wire in cab

    I am trying to find a good acc and 12v wire inside the cab. I am trying to hardwire my dashcam and don't really want to run the wires through the firewall and up to the fuse box. Any help locating a couple sources would be great I just thought I would reach out before testing every wire I can find.