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Forward Collision Issue?


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Sep 5, 2020
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My Forward Collision Warning/ FCW system occasionally gives me "Service Forward Collision Warning" light with the exclamation mark, as well as the "speed control fault" warning, and it doesn't let me use cruise control.

This happened once when leaving the house, and again earlier with some light rain. I scheduled an appointment to check it out, but it got me curious:
  • It looks like most of the magic happens from the camera/ sensor module in front of the mirror? Does the headliner have to be removed in order to get to it? I'm wondering if I should take a look to make sure it's plugged in fully, etc. before the dealer starts to mess with it.
  • Does anyone else have these messages pop up periodically? I generally leave service appointments with more issues rather than less, so if this is just something to live with I'd rather cancel the appointment


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Apr 21, 2020
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Pueblo, CO

Not a very long thread, but a couple of us have had the lights come on.


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Apr 20, 2021
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1 minute ago#19
Don Cooper

Don CooperJunior Member

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I have a 2019 PW, Had rotator cuff surgery in Dec 2020, 1-1/2 weeks after surgery was driving under a bridge with no other vehicles around at about 40 MPH, Alert goes off and truck slams on brakes causing seat belt to re tear my newly repaired rotator cuff. Doctor is 100% sure this was a result of the FCW malfunction. This sucks. Any ideas out there on how to get Ram to own up to the issue, and possibly take some responsibility for my injury?

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