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2020 ram limited

  1. C

    2020 ram speaker volume

    Hi My 2020 ram has the 12in screen & 9 speaker alpine system and max volume is 38 I’m wondering if I’m damaging my speakers playing music at level 30 or are these speakers able to handle high volume ?
  2. S

    Service Electronic Stability Control light

    Hey Everyone! We have a 2020 Limited, today we were driving and randomly a message came up on the screen saying SERVICE ELECTRONIC STABILITY CONTROL, the engine light also lit up. We were on our street when this happened so my husband parked and turned off the truck, turned it back on after...
  3. Dave_Drums

    MAJOR electrical issues!!!!

    I’ve been searching the forum for some issues I’ve been having and have been able to find similar situations, primarily the driver side Ram box opening and the driver side tail light staying on. But tonight, with my 2.5 year old son with me, we had MAJOR safety issues IMO. Absolutely...
  4. 2020ramlimited13

    Will the warranty be voided on my airbags if I lift my 2020 1500?

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 limited with air bags. I’m thinking about lifting it, but not sure if that’s a great idea because I don’t want to void the warranty on the airbags. If anyone has any info that could sway my mind, please help. Last thing I wanna do is lift my truck and the air bags have...
  5. Dave_Drums

    Disappointed with Harmon Kardon sound

    Just traded my 2016 Escalade Platinum on a 2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel. I knew I’d be giving up some creature comforts like massaging seats, electric cooler in center console, rear seat media, ride quality to a certain degree, etc. I DID NOT expect to take a massive step back in sound...
  6. Gattington

    Albuquerque, NM. Checking in.

    2020 Ram Limited, La Di Dah white with the pearlescent. Black interior. Ecodiesel. Air Suspension. Most revolutionary new technology: ACC + LaneSense Most Luxurious new Technology: Cooled Seats Slipped in during the 0% for 72 months deal in may, and wife was taking no prisoners at...