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    Any autoenginuity / witech users have any interesting finds to share?

    Any autoenginuity updates now that it’s been a while? Their site now mentions another “service package required”
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    Stock Bighorn stereo upgrade

    Thought about it for a minute....with the stock Bighorn 6 speaker system, can the stock Alpine amp be put inline with the ANC and get more power that way? If so, would all power, etc be in the plug? Just looking online, and there are some people selling their stock Alpine amps. Seemed like it...
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    Rocker Panel - Wrap / Fender Flares

    I’ve bought the same. Did you wrap the underside of the rocker panels-down to the pinch welds? Do those drain plugs come out and go back in easily? Also, any pics of inside door jamb? Looks great.
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    headliner change

    Anyone know if the dome light and trim can be removed with the headliner in place? I have the squeak coming from center of the headliner...no sunroof. I don't really want the liner pulled completely down, if I could remove the dome, and get to it from there, just enough to put some fabric, etc...
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    Any autoenginuity / witech users have any interesting finds to share?

    Following up on this...any reviews/comments on AutoEnginuity? Coming to 2019 Ram 1500 DT from an Audi, where VCDS was a godsend for maintenence, diagnosis, and repair. With a SGM Bypass, is it worth the Autoenginuity investment? I also have a 2018 Jeep JK, so I would have that benefit also. Any...