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    TAZER DT for 2019 RAM 1500

    I know I had to repeat the process a few times and after the 3rd try I took it for a ride, came back, turned the truck off and left it in frustration for a few minutes, came back out and they worked. They've been set for over a year and I've had the battery disconnected for other things and...
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    Does the Hemi have issues? ie “tick”

    It's a slippery slope when using opinions from an online forum to make a big dollar decision. Go for 10 test drives if you have to, but don't let a complete stranger on the internet convince you of what to buy. Underpowered and hemi tick, if I had a dollar every time I heard a Ford guy say that...
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    Wheel Spacers

    I recently went with the Coyote 2" spacers, after doing my due diligence and can't say enough good things about the staff and the product. Fitment was absolutely perfect and my Rebel has a great aggressive stance now. Installation was easy-peezy and would highly recommend any Canadian customers...
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    2020 Uconnect Old Technology!

    It was meant as a humorous exaggeration of what someone might do if it was in the realm of reality, which it is not. It was @Rototerrier that mentioned applying lemon law to an Audi that had a Google earth issue, although the post did not clarify if that was the cause of the lemon law...
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Finally got tired of the slight throttle lag in my Rebel. JMS was able to help where my useless dealer shop could not... with a small donation to the JMS people, my truck is alive and I get to choose how responsive or unresponsive it will be as needed. Another solid mod that has again given me...
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    Calling all FCA/Dealer employees! I want to turn off my DRL's!!!!

    Sorry, was away from the forum for a while... I'll try to take a couple pictures when she's clean.
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    Squeak sound coming from steering wheel column

    Could be a suspension squeak that you think is in the steering assembly, but just coincidentally squeaks when you turn the wheel. My 2002 Dakota did that, took me a few days to figure it out, worn out control arm bushing. The slighest steering movement squeaked, drove me nuts. Good luck!
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    2020 Uconnect Old Technology!

    Reading this thread reminded me of when I bought my first Rebel in mid-2015... had some things I "assumed" would be like the Starship Enterprise and started complaining about this and that... it was my first "new" truck in 20 years, I had inflated expectations but soon realized after a few...
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    Forum Ads annoying

    Ad revenue is understandable... a saturated screen with rampant popups is a bit obnoxious. Doesn't seem in line with the community driven environment most of us have enjoyed the last couple of years. A shame if it's permanent.
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    Spooked a little by so many complaints here!

    That's the 5th Gen Magic. Enjoy!
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    Steering Wheel Leather

    Thank you Mark! I have to admit it's been surprising how long I've been on this forum and always assumed @RamCares wasn't able to "care" for Canadian or international owners... I stand corrected. Sometimes a simple gesture, link or suggestion is enough to renew ones confidence that a large...
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    Steering Wheel Leather

    Well, I spoke too soon... my replacement steering wheel has delamination at top center after 5 months. This was a replacement wheel for the original that had wrinkles at top center.... I miss the wrinkles now. Seems luck was not on my side this time. Hopefully my third wheel will be free from...
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    Does removing the charcoal filter really do anything?

    That was an excellent explanation. Exactly what I suspected... minimum gains, but since I don't live in a socialist state like California that restricts fun and choice, I removed mine for the 0.0065 increase in G-force. I suspect though it would change the numbers slightly with a larger intake...
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    2019 Rebel Dash Theme

    Winner of the 'Oddity of the Week' goes to.... @DonAtroN !
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    Too many trolls?

    Nothing gets a fella ranting on the internets faster than a defective purchase. Go on any forum, cars, trucks, ovens... all trolls barking about class action this and class action that. Put it all into perspective and this is actually one of the best forums of any manufacturer or product I've...