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    Steering Wheel Leather

    Well, I spoke too soon... my replacement steering wheel has delamination at top center after 5 months. This was a replacement wheel for the original that had wrinkles at top center.... I miss the wrinkles now. Seems luck was not on my side this time. Hopefully my third wheel will be free from...
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    Does removing the charcoal filter really do anything?

    That was an excellent explanation. Exactly what I suspected... minimum gains, but since I don't live in a socialist state like California that restricts fun and choice, I removed mine for the 0.0065 increase in G-force. I suspect though it would change the numbers slightly with a larger intake...
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    2019 Rebel Dash Theme

    Winner of the 'Oddity of the Week' goes to.... @DonAtroN !
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    Too many trolls?

    Nothing gets a fella ranting on the internets faster than a defective purchase. Go on any forum, cars, trucks, ovens... all trolls barking about class action this and class action that. Put it all into perspective and this is actually one of the best forums of any manufacturer or product I've...
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    2019 RAM 4wd overheated performance temporarily reduced

    Lemon law? There's no way a dealership is going to hold your vehicle and not communicate other than "no fix, no ideas". I just don't buy that. The ball is in your court, it's your truck. Take it to another dealer for a second opinion. Get a lawyer involved. There are options available. Don't...
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    Calling all FCA/Dealer employees! I want to turn off my DRL's!!!!

    The Tazer allows you to turn off the DRL's completely or remap them to the accent strips or turn strip. I set mine to the turn signal a year ago... setting hasn't changed and I love the look.
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    Traction control

    Download the manual for the Tazer DT and it's all there, easy peezy!
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    Steering Wheel Misaligned

    3 alignments to get mine back to center. Drove me nuts.
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    Traction control

    With the Tazer DT, I can completely disable the ESC, stability and traction control by pressing the traction control button for 5 seconds in any drive configuration (2 wheel or 4x4) and make the local grocery store parking lot into my personal drift course. It's in the Tazer instructions as well...
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    Just a quick question for Rebel owners

    Two here on a 2019. It should state on your buildsheet how many were included for your 2020.
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    Lots of issues reported, curious who’s had no issues, major ones anyway?

    I'm 16 months into my early production 2019 Rebel and after some bad luck early on with a cracked windshield (insurance claim) the couple recalls and the Chewbacca brakes, I am in heaven with my Rebel. I rolled the dice when I traded in my 2016 Rebel (had the nightmare air ride issues) when the...
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    Dealer flat out lied

    Post the stealerships name and leave them a negative Google review. I often use Google reviews to sway my choice in hotels, car rentals and other service related industries. Just cancelled a rental car reservation for an upcoming trip after some new reviews popped up about abusive lot employees...
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    Mopar factory installed trifold soft tonneau cover

    I would also like the part # because I'm thinking about adding two clamps to the middle section for added security. Really wished they had a metal version.
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    Slight vibration

    Just got my Rebel back from the dealer for a similar issue. I know I'm on different wheels and tires and different diameters... but the end result was balanced, rotated and another alignment seemed to correct my issue, which was noise and vibration due to feathering on the Duratracs and slightly...
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    Furious. 14 months of ownership, truck has never worked 100%

    Sounds like a legit lemon. Some vehicles are just cursed to have problems.... and those that are should be reimbursed full purchase price. But I have to say hearing the list of issues tells me you might not be dealing with the most capable shop or shop foreman/service manager. Those are all...