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Recent content by Tmoney76

  1. Tmoney76

    Weird climate control noise

    I’ve been having an issue where the climate control system is making this weird noise after the truck is turned off for a couple of minutes. The sound is almost like when you let the air out of a ballon while pulling apart where you blow into. It’s a long squeaking noise. Anyone else heard of this?
  2. Tmoney76

    Tailgate cap protector.

    Okay here is finished product. Texture is a little different than OE but not too bad. Color not bad either. My factory protector is dirty so if it was cleaned up might look better. I suggest a dry fit to get the feel for where final placement is. It covered the dent up I wanted to hide so...
  3. Tmoney76

    Tailgate cap protector.

    Got one coming
  4. Tmoney76

    Tailgate cap protector.

    FYI https://www.genosgarage.com/product/ram-1500-dt-tailgate-protector-splash20/new-products
  5. Tmoney76

    Mopar power running board self install weirdness

    Took it to the dealer and they flashed the system and work fine now.
  6. Tmoney76

    Mopar power running board self install weirdness

    I’m at a loss. Checked all the wiring 3 times, moved the ground and changed where it plugs into the white board in the truck. Only thing left is the control board.
  7. Tmoney76

    Mopar power running board self install weirdness

    It’s really weird. Only does it above 15 mph and when the speed drops below 15 mph it stops and the steps will immediately retract and not extend if below 15mph
  8. Tmoney76

    Mopar power running board self install weirdness

    Checked all the wires and nothing looks out of place.
  9. Tmoney76

    Mopar power running board self install weirdness

    Installed the mopar power running board kit on my 21 Laramie this morning and everything went as planned and the boards functioned as anticipated UNTIL I started driving down the road both side would extend and retract about every 10 seconds. Is that Normal behavior if you haven’t had the sales...
  10. Tmoney76

    Tailgate cap protector.

    I’ve already put a small dent in the tailgate just below where the exterior factory tailgate protector cap stops. Does anyone know if there is an extended edge protector for the 5th Gen like there is for the classic ? https://www.genosgarage.com/product/dodge-ram-cummins-tailgate-protector/tailgate
  11. Tmoney76

    General sound quality

    I’m a new 5th Gen owner and didn’t pay much attention during the test drive as to just how terrible the sound quality is on the 9 speaker system. At the quantity of speakers they would purchase you could get a slightly better quality speaker. I’m a Gen Xer and like my bass but come on. For the...
  12. Tmoney76

    When to use WDH?

    If nothing else it’s cheap insurance for sway control. They don’t take that much time to install.
  13. Tmoney76

    2019 Laramie leather seat cracking and peeling issue

    Been a lurker on this forum since I purchased a new 21 Laramie 3 weeks ago. Just found 3 separate spots just like this on the rear seats. Nobody has ever sat in the rear seats. Very frustrating 1200 miles on this truck🤦🏼‍♂️