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    Base 6 speaker questions

    The 6 speaker system is a little bit to upgrade, 4 door speakers 6"x9" and 2 dash speakers 3.5". Depending on the speakers you might need to add 4 ohm resistors to them to bring them up to 8 ohm. It took me about 2.5 hours to do everything, use the beach function to find the link as there is a...
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    LASFIT Interior LED Lighting 2019 Bighorn

    How much difficulty was there with the map lights or lights in the visors?
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    Amp research running boards

    I have no problem with mine. I really like them!
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    Rain Sensing Wipers (Not equipped but have the part)

    Use the hose to see if it works!
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    Adding passive entry

    Hopefully they do, it is a nice upgrade.
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    Adding passive entry

    I have a question, I have remote start and push button start. I do not have the passive entry (door handle button) If I was to put the handles on would I need to do anything else? I also have the level 2 equipment group.
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    Suntek Carbon Window Tint

    This guy is a great detailer, we have had 5 vehicles done there and a lot of our friends go there. My last truck he tinted was 5.5 years old and no issues with the tinting. He is located across from the wagon wheel/mustang flea market, it is about 8600 Park boulevard in Seminole . Tell him I...
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    Suntek Carbon Window Tint

    I have a ceramic window tint on my truck, it does help with the heat, I am very happy with it! $200 for 4 windows, full back window and 6" on front windshield.
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    Console safe

    Here is 2 pics of the safe set up. It would take some **** to get it out bit remember locks are only for honest people!
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    Console safe

    I will get pics later today.
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    Console safe

    He is listed on eBay as rmleo_2883956 I purchased the one he had, he has them listed for the retail cost now.
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    Console safe

    I picked up the console safe for a seller on eBay, I got it for $150. It was a good deal and is made pretty well. the back 4 screws are a b*&ch to get in as you can't use a screw gun but with some pressure and constant turning they start to go through the plastic. The 4 that hold the front down...
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    Power Running Boards can OEM be add?

    I am very happy with my Amp boards.
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    Tailgate light bar

    That is bright!
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    Surroundview camera

    It will only be for the lift, the cable will be long enough for that I believe. I only need about 12"-18"