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    Winter tires and wheel combo, running 18" in place of stock 22" wheels

    My stock wheels are 22's 285/45/22 on my sport, I did the exact same set of mopar steel wheels and tmps. No issues so far, just got them put on today.
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    Mopar Window Deflector Install

    Front driver/passenger side by the B pillar ? Yes I noticed the avs ones do that as well, maybe not so much as the mopar set. But I finally got to roll the windows down and notice once it gets close to reaching the top its a bit slow. My guess is the lip on them is still to thick. I go to the...
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    Mopar Window Deflector Install

    I got mine installed today and love them!
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Borla Atak was installed to day and I love it, now you can hear the sound of 8 cylinder orchestra.
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    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Ordered the Borla Atak Cat back Saturday, Should be installed this monday or tuesday. I cant wait!
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    Removing trim around the windows

    Mines doing this on mine as well replaced under warranty. Just got it done today and not even a few hours it looks like nothing was done. Went back to the dealership Now I’ll wait again but this time the trim is on backorder.