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    Truck sat for a month and has rough idle

    No CEL. The truck was at the body shop waiting on a new front passenger door because someone hit it.
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    Truck sat for a month and has rough idle

    Truck sat for a month and now has a rough idle, is there something i could add to the gas to see if that fixes it ?
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    Mounting iPhone 12 with mag safe?

    Anyone have a iPhone 12 and have a nice MagSafe mount? Pics are welcomed !
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    First Time towing with my 1500 looking for advice

    The tires are properly inflated. The specs of the the travel trailer say that the hitch weight is 217 pounds
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    First Time towing with my 1500 looking for advice

    I bought a expandable camper and it weighs 3,462 it came with the weight distribution hitch. Connect truck to trailer made sure to adjust the weight distribution hitch until it was level. I drove it home with Tow haul on and it felt like the trailer was bouncing the back of the truck as if...
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    Quick tire fit question

    I have a 2019 with Nexxen tires and they are terrible. They are 275/55/r20 I want to get cooper sttp pros will I have any issues with a 275/65/r20?
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    Looking for Tire advice for my stock rims

    I have a 2019 Big horn quad cab with factory Nexen tires that are terrible and factory rims 275/55/20 I have a 2.5 motofab level kit. I see alot of people are running these different sizes 285/65R20 285/60R20 295/60R20 I want to run Cooper STTP Pros what is the best size that will fit on my...
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    Need help on new ram

    That looks really good thanks for the video
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    Need help on new ram

    I have a 2019 ram bighorn with factory rims / tires and a 2 inch level kit. I was thinking of 35s ? what size rim and tire should I be looking for so I have no issues?
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    Add OEM bed light

    I have a 2019 Ram Bighorn i have the cut out for the lights so im looking at this but is there factory wiring ran and i just plug it into or do i have to run the wire all the way ? Bed Light Kit - Mopar (82215795AB)
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    Good level kit ?

    I don’t have air ride either
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    Good level kit ?

    I purchased a 2019 ram 1500 big horn. I want to get rid of the factory rake. Is there a option where I don’t have to separate the strut ?
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    LF options for Underseat storage quad cab

    I have a new 2019 1500 Quad cab what is a good underseat storage option for straps and things