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  1. Robalo2718

    Bilstein 5100

    Good call. Pretty odd they don't sell individual parts. How much did they charge you?
  2. Robalo2718

    Bilstein 5100

    Shoot. Either the price has gone up across the board, or more likely, I had been looking at the wrong thing. $100/spacer is way too much in my opinion.
  3. Robalo2718

    Hellwig Sway Bar Purchase$$$$

    Yeah for me it was mostly about reducing the increased sway from the lift. I spend enough time on rough roads that I did not want to mess with the articulation by going to the tightest setting (although maybe the tightest setting wouldn't actually be that big of a difference). German luxury car...
  4. Robalo2718

    Hellwig Sway Bar Purchase$$$$

    Another thumbs up for the Hellwig sway bar here. I have a 1.5" spacer in the back, so I put the Hellwig on the middle setting. I did not do extended rear links. The new sway bar, at its current setting, allows me to take corners 5-10mph faster than I could without it. Minimal reduction in...
  5. Robalo2718

    Bilstein 5100

    Thanks, Sugar. I had looked at the Mopar bump spacers and am still considering them, but the cost (~$60/each spacer before shipping cost and other required hardware) seems pretty steep. Maybe I'm being to picky?
  6. Robalo2718

    Stiffer linear rate springs

    So this is more of a hauling than a towing question, but I was directed over here when I posted in "suspension." Please see quoted post and share any experiences you might have with the below mentioned rear springs or other linear rate rear springs. Thank you.
  7. Robalo2718

    Stiffer linear rate rear springs???

    Good call. Will post over there as well. Thank you.
  8. Robalo2718

    Stiffer linear rate rear springs???

    I ride around with a 300-900lb load most of the time and the rear sag is killing me. I'm looking at two options for stiffer rear linear rate springs: 1) TufTruck 1211 https://www.tuftruck.com/product/ttc-1211-rear-suspension-coil-spring-kit/ 2) Dayton 350-905HD...
  9. Robalo2718

    Leveling kit

    2.5-3" rear lift when empty or compared to how much you were sagging when towing/hauling? More than 2" rear lift and you would be overextending a Bilstein 5100 rear. Thanks! Trying to decide on TufTruck vs Dayton rear springs, but not much info on either.
  10. Robalo2718

    Bilstein 5100

    Yeah I am aware of the kit, but judging by his post, it appears ff13375 does not have the SST and was able to get just the bump spacer. Since RL won't sell me one, I'm trying to find out if there is somewhere else I should look aside from the buy/sell/trade forums. Thank you.
  11. Robalo2718

    Bilstein 5100

    Where were you able to get a Ready Lift bump stop spacer? When I called Ready Lift they would not agree to sell me individual parts of a kit and I can't seem to find any online. Thank you.
  12. Robalo2718

    TufTruck Coils?

    Did you end up deciding on a rear coil spring? If so, how do you like it and what did you go for? Thank you.
  13. Robalo2718

    2" Level and rear spring choices?

    How are you liking those 1211s? I'm hoping to pull the trigger on a pair somewhat soon, but still have remaining questions. Including my topper, I usually ride around with a 300-900lb load, though more often than not it is closer to the 300 lb side. Any insight as to how the ride will be? I'm...
  14. Robalo2718

    Squat? (Rear bed drop under load)

    You're going to squat a lot. I have a similar truck to you, although it is a quad cab. My truck squats roughly 1.5" with my current topper (approximately 200 lbs), wooden storage/camping frame (another 150lbs), gear/food (300lb), and full gas tank (184lbs). I am likely going to buy some TufTruck...
  15. Robalo2718

    Rear Lift - How offset is the axle without using a trackbar bracket or adjustable trackbar?

    Yep, should have mentioned that I've measured mine (to the best of my ability) and there is no appreciable difference. The general impression I have is that 2" might make it a smidge offset, but that more than that you need to make adjustments to avoid death wobble. I'm far from an expert on...