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Recent content by Rob3

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    3rd brake light/ cargo light

    I am looking for 3rd brake/ cargo light reccomendation. Had a tree limb fall and hit the light....cracked it. Thanks, Rob
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    Windshield just cracked

    I had this issue. Not quite as extreme. I had a crack form at the base below the wiper. The crack grew about 16 inches. I took it to the dealer (still under warranty). The dealer took photos, Chrysler reviewed and they replaced it.....there was no strike to cause the issue, it was an internal...
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    I have searched all over and I cant seem to find what I am looking for..........Is there a comparison for performance gain.....muffler swap (MF 14) vs. a cat back system?. I am trying to justify cost/performance. I have a 2019 1500 V8 e-torque no mods yet........i will ultimately put a new...
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    Cat-back vs muffler replacement

    I have looked all over at various muffler and exhaust threads....tone, drone, fitment etc. What I am interested in is the performance side (Hp/trq). Does the stock system with a less restrictive muffler see a performance gain? I have seen comments the 2019 stock exhaust set up is not too bad...