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Recent content by Redfour5

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    Built to Serve interior - Vinyl Seats

    I have the BTS and the seats are noticably tough compared to my 15 and those were pretty good even after six years and it's tough to tell the difference between leather and the vinyl. We have the leather in a Cherokee. Oh, the BTS seats look good also...
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    Rambox- and rack-compatible rolling cover

    For those of you getting Ramboxes and MFT. The Ramboxes and MFT were on the built to serve edition ON THE LOT that check all my other boxes. I was ambivalent at best when I purchased. NOW, I will ALWAYS get them if I get another RAM or more probably WHEN.
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    Terrible MPG - 2022 RAM 1500 4WD Crew Cab Short Box 5.7

    What you said AND, city driving always sucks. Getting 3 tons of steel up to speed and then doing it all over again every minute or three isn't going to facilitate mileage. I get my best mileage on a couple hundred mile trip at speed in on the highway and have hit between 22 and 23 with a 5.7 and...
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    2021 Ram different towing capacity

    As noted, the 3.92 ups the overall towing capacity by quite a lot over the 3.21, and is the biggest factor but every bell and whistle that is on there takes away from your capacity. Ramboxes, barn door, panoramic sunroof, keep adding stuff and down goes your rating AND your payload the more...
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    Yep, the American Society of Automotive Engineers standard for towing does NOT calculate anything after market into the determination of towing numbers. And gas is 6 lbs per gallon and the metal (I assume) in an "aux" tank.
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    Yeah, I'd be looking for on the lot trucks on like cargurus and this was a surprisingly consistent issue. Towing tech packages, mirrors...the works...and 3.21 rear end and 23 or 26 gallon tanks. WTF??? I actually found a dealer who ordered trucks to tow but he was too far away... So, Peterson...
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    OK, my turn to spit coffee...
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    Yeah, but you drive downhill with a tailwind both ways... My 2015 was right at 13 for mixed daily driving maybe a bit more with summer gas. That was with the 3.92, Half my drive home/town is about six miles on an 80 mph highway (Montana) and the rest stop and go in town. So, I do 25 miles maybe...
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    Electric Travel Trailer

    Me neither...Oh well, there goes the quality...eventually once the bean counters get hold of the books.
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    I think that on many lots whomever orders trucks does NOT tow and you end up with the 3.21's and small gas tanks with the tow package on them. They probably think that if you order the tow package it has everything you need, not realizing that the 3.21 rear end sucks for towing and the 8 miles...
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    Help deciding options

    ETorque with its very limited impact on mileage is called a mild hybrid. It is REALLY mild but it also another bit of high tech stuff that in my opinion is not worth the cost in relation to what you get. And what's it gonna do in five years? Multi-function tailgate is NOT something I...
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    Any Drawbacks to 33 Gallon Tank?

    Actually, you do lose payload, BUT not off what your payload says on your label. Fuel is calculated to figure what your payload rating is. Some people try to calculate for towing and add a full fuel load to their calculations. You do NOT need to worry about fuel anymore since the companies...
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    New to RAM

    Welcome and your first impressions? I'm a decade into them with the 21 being the third. I remember first time I drove my 2013 as a test drive. I was like, OK, this is NOT your grandpa's pick up truck. Now in the 21, I'm like wait, this is like my grandpa's Lincoln Continental.
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    Electric Travel Trailer

    Sheesh what's next. Now of course since it is an Airstream, that already costs unbelievable amounts of money BEFORE this system, I'm thinking a 20 foot Bambi would be around 110K USD... My new 21 28 foot one slide Aspen Trail 2340 BHSWE cost 1/3rd what the shortest (19 foot?) Airstream Bambi...
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    5th Gen Stock Stereo Upgrade Options?

    I'm thinking at least a couple of those are there for temp ascertainment for the auto climate control system where each person can have a different temp. I'm thinking they may have them there even on the ones without that option as it is likely cheaper to make ONE than two or three different tops.