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Recent content by RebelWraith

  1. RebelWraith

    Getting my TRX wheels tomorrow morning. I currently have a 3/2 Moto level lift. Will I need wheel spacers?

    The wheel doesn't rub, but the tire does if you use the TRX tires. If you go with a thinner tire then you won't make contact with the UCA.
  2. RebelWraith

    Which fuse can I tap in to?

    No, you would want to power the light bar from battery power and use a relay trigger from your high beams to activate it. You never want to add that substantial of a load to your factory wiring. There isn't enough head room in the wire gauge size or the fuse amperage size. Besides that there...
  3. RebelWraith

    Under Hood Light 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie DT

    Did you check with a dealer? The part sites aren't always accurate. These are listed for the TRX and not other Ram 1500s as far as I can tell. That's probably why there isn't a receptacle connection for it. It would be nice if it does connect.
  4. RebelWraith

    Under Hood Light 2021 Ram 1500 Laramie DT

    That's just the harness, you would need the lamp which is part number 68444287AA. Here is a picture of the harness: These parts are listed for 2021-22 Ram TRX. Not sure if the attachment points are the same on the other hoods like the TRX hood.
  5. RebelWraith

    Diode Dynamics

  6. RebelWraith

    Diode Dynamics

    I'm VERY interested in the dust/chase lights but most of those mount to the inside of the bed and I have a hard fold tonneau cover that gets in the way. Was hoping someone would make something like I've installed on some Toyota trucks that mounts by the tailgate. They make these for driver and...
  7. RebelWraith

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    JBL and Infinity are owned by Harman.
  8. RebelWraith

    Diode Dynamics

    Any details on the other brackets you are releasing?
  9. RebelWraith

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    No, no, no, do not use PVC pipe. Unless you want to send pieces of plastic flying everywhere.
  10. RebelWraith

    Method wheels

    Unless you bend the rim it will make no difference.
  11. RebelWraith

    Sorry, they sold.

    Sorry, they sold.
  12. RebelWraith

    There's a person ahead of you, but I'm looking for $50 shipped if he backs out.

    There's a person ahead of you, but I'm looking for $50 shipped if he backs out.
  13. RebelWraith

    Night Edition Tow Hooks

    If anyone needs a set of factory black hooks I've got some. Just don't have the plastic surrounds.
  14. RebelWraith

    100 miles and she’s already rattling

    Same here.
  15. RebelWraith

    New Rebel/TRX light bar group buy offer!

    Mine arrived yesterday, Trigger 6 Shooter should arrive today, and install will be this weekend. Has anyone figured out what the four little white circle stickers are for? They aren't covered in the included instructions or the video.