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Recent content by Pyleketerson

  1. Pyleketerson

    Transmission falling out of Drive on downshift, blinking, displaying "shift to P" and back

    This has happened to me a handful of times, and I just ignore it and everything is fine.
  2. Pyleketerson

    What rear lift to use after RC 2” front level install

    Yeah, good call to do the alignment first. Judging from your original pic it looks like you’ll still want something in the rear but it’s good practice to do it in order. Good luck!
  3. Pyleketerson

    What rear lift to use after RC 2” front level install

    Essentially that’s what I have. 2” up front and 1” in the rear with the off road springs. Icon makes 1.5” rear springs for these trucks as well.
  4. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Correct. They did not.
  5. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Update: right front CV axle pops out. Dealer blamed it on aftermarket suspension install. Shop who did the install laughed at that, said they don’t even touch that. Coilovers are simple plug and play. Classic. $700 out of pocket to replace the CV axle. I hate my dealer.
  6. Pyleketerson

    Suggestions for replacement windshield wipers?

    Well that’s depressing. Had my eye on Bosch Icon as many have sworn by them.
  7. Pyleketerson

    No way to properly level ORG?

    This what I went with. https://bds-suspension.com/product?kid=1664f
  8. Pyleketerson

    BDS 2” Coilover Leveling Kit with 295/70R18

    I have this kit. Can confirm it’s amazing. Would do it again in a heartbeat.
  9. Pyleketerson

    Alexa to start truck?

    Sounds like an invitation for all sorts of issues.
  10. Pyleketerson

    New Ram owner

    Great looking truck.
  11. Pyleketerson

    Stop/Start Not Ready

    I’d rather not have etorque and start/stop on my truck. If mine stopped engaging I’d be good with that.
  12. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Cannot get back in to the original installer for another week. That will be a month without my truck in the middle of an already epic winter up here in the Northwest. No fix in sight yet. Good times.
  13. Pyleketerson

    4WD clunk then disengaging

    Loose CV axle according to do the dealer. Of course they are blaming it on the shop who installed my Fox coilovers. Dealer is quoting me $880 not covered under warranty. So back to the installer I go.
  14. Pyleketerson

    Dang these safety sensors. Can we not back up these RAMs with the door open to look back?

    Ohhhhhh that’s right. Not sure how that guy managed to do that but I remember reading about it. I have wondered why my truck does that too.