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    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    Work for a FCA dealership. I had my pads and rotors replaced at 9,000 miles for the squeal of death, under warranty. Now I am at 17,000 miles and it does it every humid or damp morning for the first 1/2 miles I drive. It is incredible that FCA says they are designed to do this, but it is pure...
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    9/10/2019 New 12'' radio update 1538

    anyone see new uconnect 12'' radio update went out 9/10/1029 #1538?
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    Radio update Android Auto not working

    Found the solution, it will clear out how you have your android phone set up. Mainly how the icons are laid out and the background images. You must go into google play and clear cache and force stop, and it will then allow you to re-setup android auto and work. Might take a few minutes, but it...
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    12” Software update is out

    Anyone do the update and having issues with Android Auto not working?
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    Radio update Android Auto not working

    Just had my reaction updated to 28.1 My friends Apple car play works. But anytime I plug on my OnePlus 6T and Android, it will change to the Android Auto button, but it will pop up on the screen to follow the prompts on my phone to enable it. When I click the unlock, on my screen, that looks...
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    Order Tracking

    I wanted to say to everyone in here. If you order a truck with available options. On the 10th of every month is when the factory accepts submitted orders. That being said. I sell Chrysler vehicles. My order was sucked up by the factory the 10th. By the 12th I had a VIN. Yesterday I got my ship...
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    22 Inch rims......How do they ride?

    They ride nice. But you cannot fully tell due to the fact that the Limited comes with Air Ride. I drive both 18s 20s and 22s most days working at the dealership. Is their a difference. Yes, going from 18 to 20 there is not much, but you can tell a handling difference with the 22s, but the air...
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    Help me understand this one!

    The purpose is in hopes of Chrysler being nice enough to overlook your credit score, you will become brand loyal to them, for their kind favor. And interest is complex.
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    Are many of any of you serious purchasers? the $1,000 rebate lasts until the end of May, and if anyone is actually serious in purchasing, I am all ears to listen, and possibly give out my info, but I am not pulling EP numbers for anyone, unless they bring them to me. To get $1,000 in rebate, and...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    One thing I would like to say, their are two types of dealerships. One pay a great base salary, and still give bonuses, and others will allow you to make great money, but you have to really hit sales goals, and 2/3 of your monthly pay comes from bonuses. So, please be patient with salesmen, as...
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    Price negotiated from MSRP

    I would post paperwork, but I do not know the legality I signed to do such with Chrysler. I will say, on a 2019 1500, higher levels, their is close to $2,000 left in negotiations, even with Employee Pricing.
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    Bed Lights

    The LED lights in the bed for 2019 are different than the older ones. The inside of the bed in slightly different, to keep it short and not get into greater detail.
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    RAM build status

    They are not in production yet. But you can place an order.....from a Chrysler dealership worker. Also, they do not shut down production ever at any fca factory, at least in MI and OH...... They normally run two shifts 530am start and 530pm start. With the goal being for each shift to get...
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    Start/Stop Technology

    All I can add is, I have driven 5 2019 Ram 1500s, 1 Big Horn, 1 Limited, 1 Longhorn Laramie, and 2 Laramies. And none have had start stop in them. None have a place for a button to turn it off. And from what I have read. If you get a 5.7 Hemi, without eTorque, there is NO stop/start on it. And...
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    Delivery date

    It all depends upon what options and bed and color you ordered. It wasn't until thursday, locally we got the first 6 4 bed in ,because of how production is working and falling up....not different than if you get the protection group, you will be waiting. same as, why mine will not come with the...