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  1. Kibro2

    Bed cover Retrax vs Roll n Lock

    I have GatorTrax bed cover that is essentially the same as Retrax ( I have owned both). I like the fact you can roll it an lock it in any position for hauling larger items if needed. The canister does take up some room but for my needs, works well.
  2. Kibro2

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Looks great!!!
  3. Kibro2

    Post your Rebel pics!

    That was the other fuel wheel I was close to buying!!!
  4. Kibro2

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Love the color comb....maybe bias though!
  5. Kibro2

    Another new guy...

    Congratulations and welcome to the forum!
  6. Kibro2

    Need review of Rough country leveling struts

    If your leveling kit is spacers then these complete strut assemblies will ride much closer to stock. Little stiffer than my stock ride but very acceptable and not bumpy for sure.
  7. Kibro2

    Make Your Own TRX!

    Wow that is looking fantastic! Appreciate the updates and think your fab work on front bumper will be spot on. Thanks for sharing all the hard work along the way.
  8. Kibro2

    2021 Limited on Order Bye Chevy

    Welcome from another GM guy that made the switch. I traded my 18 GMC Sierra Denali on my 2020 Ram with similar story to yours. Was looking to trade on AT4 but test drive the RAM and was sold for the reasons you mentioned. Good luck and enjoy your new ride.
  9. Kibro2

    Hi ! 2021 1500 Limited - finally

    Congrats and welcome!
  10. Kibro2

    Need review of Rough country leveling struts

    Not sure it has totally settled yet.. mine is exactly level but I did expect to have slight rake being Rebels have the ORG. I’ve only out about 250 miles on it since putting them on.
  11. Kibro2

    TRX on 44’ tire video

    These are the guys that jumped the brand new TRX earlier in January. Unreal what they do to a $100K ride but drivetrain held up to some unreal punishment.
  12. Kibro2

    35 inch Tires on Ram Rebel

    Very nice looking set up... I went with the same Nitto tires but 285 65 20 which is same 35’ height, just 11.5 wide on 20x9 +1 Fuel Diesel wheels. Haven’t seen any mileage loss but I only have 2300 miles on the truck and it’s remained around 15mpg...
  13. Kibro2

    Post your Rebel pics!

    I can relate to the stocker comments as well. This forum certainly will inspire you spend way too much money but it sure will look good. Nice choice....I am sure it with be well worth it!
  14. Kibro2

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Appreciate it… they are machined dark tint which I really like better than black painted. Thanks
  15. Kibro2

    New Rebel Granite Owner.

    Congrats and welcome!!