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  • Hey Jimmy. I have a 2022 ram 1500 lone star with halogen lights and I’m doing a limited front end swap with the limited projector headlights. Can you build a harness conversion to make my harness work with the OEM limited projector head lights?
    I looked into retroshop.com “


    But they said the headlights will work with their harness converter but the turn signals won’t work.
    Hi Jimmy, I have a 2020 RAM 1500 bighorn that I am looking to add the adaptive cruise to. I don't really need the lane keep assist, but can add it if it's all part of the package. I have the DASM to add and the brake modules. The only part I am missing is the wiring harness that goes from the mirror down the CANBUS.
    Hi Jimmy i got a 2020 ram 1500 and my friend has a 2022 ram 2500 will his tow mirrors fit on mines just plug and play ?
    Hi Jimmy I'm wanting to add front and rear park sensors on my 2023 Bighorn 1500 someone said that you make and sell the harness for inside the truck.....mine didn't come pre-wired ..... thanks
    hi jimmy im trying to do the halogen to led headlight upgrade and read to use your harness . if still available let me know what i need to do to get a hold of one. i have a 2020 bighorn 5.7 hemi. thanks
    Hello Jimmy, looking to do passive entry on my 2022 1500 and I would like to purchase the cables (tailgate also) if you still make them. Let me know what I need to do. Thanks!!!
    Hi JImmy, I have a 2019 Laramie Longhorn that has issues with it's FCW, Lane Assist, ACC and Auto Hi Beams. 90% of the time I have warning lights on the dash for the FCW and LA. Sometimes I get a message saying they need service. Occasionally they work but I have no use for them. Is it possible for me to disable them in Alfaobd, with a 12 + 8 adapter? If so, is it all done in the BCM?
    Thanks for any info,
    Hi Jimmy,
    If your still building the harnesses required for adding passive entry I would like to purchase a set. I have a 2019 Ram 1500 Rebel. When you have a second let me know if you still offer these, as well as the rear antenna one. Thanks, Chas
    Hello. Are you still building harnesses for the tailgate release switches on the overhead console? Interested in purchasing one. 23 bighorn/backcountry.
    Hi Jimmy, If your still building the harnesses required for adding passive entry I would like to purchase a set. I have a 2023 Big Horn 5.7 Quad. Looking forward to hearing from you!
    Hello Jimmy I recently switched over from 8.4 Uconnect 4 to a 12 in Uconnect 5 in a 2019 Ram 1500 majority of the stuff works besides the back up camera, Uconnect for remote start and sos/assist , Sirius guardian, off road control settings not showing on screen, and Wi-Fi
    I also wanted to add the blind spot monitors and 360 cameras. Is that possible ? What parts is needed
    Hello, I’m I was sent to you from Facebook group member told me you do wiring harnesses for Halogen to LED Reflectors. I have alfaobd to change the settings. If you could get back at me to get this project going thanks, have a good one!🙏
    Hey Jimmy! I want to order a repined harness for 2021 ram 1500 lonestar I have an 8.4 screen (with navigation and sirius) and going to the 12 inch screen.
    Hello Jimmy07, are you still doing the passive entry harnesses? If so how much, including shipping to 46254?
    Hi JImmy07. Can you build me a Wiring Harness for CVPM. I have a 2020 Ram 1500 Rebel and want to add the surround view camera system.
    Hi Jimmy07. Can you build the 16inch CVPM add-on harness for me? I have a 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie with power-folding mirrors, BSM, puddle lights and turn signals that I'm adding the 360 Surround View Camera System to. Also, do you know the Mopar part numbers for the multifunction tailgate handle with surround camera and bracket? Lee
    But, rather than buying any of the anti-theft devices out there, I have a simple method that requires about $20-30 in connector parts.
    It’s the same “concept” as a ravelco, but the truck can be remote started.
    I know it’s hard to keep stuff from circulating online, but I’ll give anybody details how to go about it via PM.

    Hello Sir. I am interested with this.
    Hi Himmy07 - I need some help with an adapter harness for the LED Reflector housings on a 22' big horn that came with halogen lights. I have put together the info I can find in a post but looking for some advice or help in getting an adapter harness or at least a pinout. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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