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    Chrome badges/grill insert blackout

    Welcome!! You can also join us on the HDRAM Forum!
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    Multi-Function Tailgate

    Ah, well this is the Heavy Duty (2500) sub-forum... likely to get a quicker response in the main forum.
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    Multi-Function Tailgate

    I don't think the HD trucks come with a mulit-function tailgate
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    I think my 2019 HD has AC issues

    Same issue on my 2019 1500 Limited... the AC blows cool... not cold. But at @BeauxXL1200 stated... FCA isn't saying anything the 1500 owners have been complaining for close to a year now. Had a 2016 Durango for a work car... I could never set it to low or it would freeze me out.
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    I’m in Love with the Ram 2500

    The bed step for the 2500/3500 is 82215842AC
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    2500 oem bed step

    That's what is installed on my 2019 2500 Limited... You may not be able to find it because it isn't available yet...this claims to have them, but also states to call for 'Fitment Verification'...which usually means they really don't have it...
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    2500 oem bed step

    So I did! Thanks!
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    2500 oem bed step

    *****number corrected**** Had to crawl under to get a good look, even then it was up at the top... Looks to be 82215842AC... found one site selling the step for $300+
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    Is Blind Spot Detection worth it on 2019 Ram 3500HD?

    I guess I never came back to update my comment... I'm on the HD board more than here. Yes, I did state that the two (the website and the Owner's Link email I received) contradicted each other... the response from MOPAR was typically cryptic and the could not explain the discrepancy. Much like...
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    Ordered a 2019 Ram 2500 Diesel Big Horn. Looking for fender flares

    Welcome! You may have better luck asking on the sister group specifically for HD RAMS!
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    Under tailgate lights?

    Welcome! No idea as to your question, but if ask over on the HD RAMS forum, you will likely get an answer faster than here.
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    New Cab on HD's?

    I've been trying to find it myself again...
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    New Cab on HD's?

    There was an article or video and the guess is that *IF* there is going to be a new cab it will be 2022 or so....
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    Is Blind Spot Detection worth it on 2019 Ram 3500HD?

    The Owner's manual says nothing about BSM being disabled when a trailer is connected.
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    Rear park assist with trailer

    Thanks for joining the forum to complain... SMDH...