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    New Cab on HD's?

    I've been trying to find it myself again...
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    New Cab on HD's?

    There was an article or video and the guess is that *IF* there is going to be a new cab it will be 2022 or so....
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    Is Blind Spot Detection worth it on 2019 Ram 3500HD?

    The Owner's manual says nothing about BSM being disabled when a trailer is connected.
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    Rear park assist with trailer

    Thanks for joining the forum to complain... SMDH...
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    KZ Status to receive truck?

    There are multiple timelines posted over on the HDRAMS Forum And that is where most of the people who have HDs are located, though a couple may check in here from time to time...
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    CAT Scale blues?

    I'm rather new to the whole towing thing, but it looks if you can shift some weight off the drive axle onto the steering axle you'd be closer to your GAWR on the rear. It seems you are within your GCVWR... what's the tongue weight?
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    19 LIMITED + AirStream Globetrotter 25 - Having Payload/Tongue Weight Issues

    Dry Hitch weight on the Globetrotter 25 is 882#. I replied to you on the Airstream Forum as well... I got rid of my 1500 Limited with a payload of 1310# for a 2500 Limited (going easy on the options) and have a payload of 2900#. We are also looking at an Airstream and I went with worst case...
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    New Ram Has been Built

    Congrats on the truck! You should be able to pull the window sticker when it hits KZ status. Come join us over on the HDRAMS Forum!
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    Is Blind Spot Detection worth it on 2019 Ram 3500HD?

    I received the 'Owner Support Site' link from the dealer with info on my 2500 and this is what is states about the Blind Spot Monitoring: On the all-new Ram 2500/3500, the Blind Spot Monitoring feature also includes an additional 39.5 feet to help further identify objects in the blind-spot zone...
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    Towing Technology Group holding up 2019 Ram 3500 order

    Congrats! If you aren't already there, come join us over on the HDRAMS Forum!
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    Really want to tow this trailer with a 2019 Ram 1500

    You are at almost 1100# dry weight? Have you weighed the rig loaded for camping along with everything you are taking in the truck?
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    Adaptive Cruise Contol

    The 2500 is at the dealer and I can't pick it up until Saturday! I if the ACC is anything like the 1500 then you are probably ok if you are on a long, flat, straight section of road, I just find the system to be a little too abrupt for my liking. Yeah, there were several things 'promised'...
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    Too particular about the paint on new Ram?

    I'm waiting to take delivery of my new 2500 sometime this week... I instructed them to not wash the vehicle. While the vehicle will be 'dirty', it isn't like it has actually been driven for any significant distance... it isn't so bad that you can't see any problem. When I picked up they 1500...
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    When is FCA dropping SiriusXM from Connected Car capabilities given current disaster?

    The NAV system on pretty much every car I've driven in is crap...I bought it for the 12" screen. I just use Android Auto... I would never consider using the baked in NAV system.
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    Adaptive Cruise Contol

    The ACC isn't anywhere near as smooth and seamless as the system on the wife's Fozzie...