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    Thoughts on running Water Wetter in the cooling system?

    Research what the factory fill is, and you should arrive at your answer as to whether you want to add anything.
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    Are software updates part of PDI?

    Just reporting what I observed at my selling dealer in Delaware, and then observed and discussed with my servicing dealer's Service Manager here in PA. These dealers have no relationship, but doing the exact same process. Maybe it's just them, maybe not.
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    Are software updates part of PDI?

    The process is clearly changing. The average tech, not even the master, can download flash updates. The service manager now has to request them and obtain the download file, which apparently is not a sure thing, and cam then hand the tablet to the tech to actually complete the flash. Probably...
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    License Plate Reverse light

    Interesting debate above here about VLEDS... Probably would help to know they do not manufacture anything themselves. They run under a contract manufacturing model, and product development seems to be purely on a "pull" model and no "push." Kind of odd in the automotive aftermarket honestly...
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    Truxedo Sentry Fit

    Unfortunately, this is typical. Hard covers, whether a roll up like yours or a tri-fold, are all easily defeated at the tailgate. Most roll ups are flexible enough so your hand can get under it. More rigid tri-folds just need a hook out of thin metal or wire. For real bed security in a...
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    Rock and a hard place

    Funny how my perspectives have changed over the decades... I used to hop up everything I bought. Heck, I was well-known for sleepers, particularly enjoyed my twin turboed '95 S10 and blown and stroked big block Surburban... Then my 2014 Sport was tame with just better breathing and a dyno...
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    New RAM owner

    Welcome aboard!
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    Automatic Car Wash and Electronic Transmission

    Perhaps this is your truck telling you not to subject it to the abuse of an automatic carwash and get it a nice, gentle hand wash! :p
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    alternatives to Decked?

    Well, Decked is something basically borrowed from the commercial industry to make available to the average Joes and Janes... So, you can check out pretty much any custom box manufacturer like Highway Products, Hagerstown Metal Fabrication, TruckVault, etc. The only reason I've posted in...
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    Major issue: Odometer Moving forward with start ups while vehicle is still in Park. 19’ 1500 Longhorn , build date 6/19/19!

    I'm with the other who have already speculated that you're just seeing the results of the normal startup procedure. To convince yourself, record your miles when parking on a post-it and stick it in front of your line of sight on the windshield or something. Next start up, it'll be right there...
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    Holes in bed

    Lol! The holes in the upper oval are for the optional bed cargo rails.
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    Diode Dynamics 3rd Brake Light

    Honestly, you don't need DD's markup. Do a search and you'll find several LED bulb options from Amazon that are error free and reliable as proven by those or us running them.
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    Ummm.... No, they cannot see it in any history. These are intercept modules that simply take the input and modify it using a scaler which is then output. It's the oldest possible technology for "tuning" straight out of the 80s! Now an uber savvy master tech, or definitely a programming...
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    Gas tank drilled

    Dealer, to make it easy and no claims when the internals and modules are swapped over. Good luck!
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    Gas tank drilled

    Wow! Just wow! I did not even realize this was a thing... More used to seeing vinyl hose dangling out of a row of cars parked in the dark row of the parking garage. Guess it's time to dig into a 5th Gen schematics and figure out how best to integrate a proximity sensor to trip the panic...