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    Anyone get their tires to chirp yet ?

    Mine will burn second gear easily. I once caught 3rd ever so slightly, but the weather was very cool, and I had 93 octane in the tank
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    Seats from 2500

    Good question. I would guess no, as the heavy duty’s are still 4th gen cabs
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    Did we ever solve the recirculating air noise

    Yep, mine cycles open every 15 minutes
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    Anyone here also ride motorcycles?

    If all goes well this weekend, I'm hoping to snag a 1981 CB750 Super Sport
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    What do you keep in your Ram?

    Besides the .45?
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    When to change oil after break in period?

    Changed mine at 1200 miles and went with Redline 5w30
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    Car Wash

    Never had any problems with my antenna
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    engine oil consumption

    I’ve had 7 Hemi’s and never had to add a drop of oil to a single one of them
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    2019-2020 ram 1500 Reliability

    22,ooo miles on my 2019, and zero mechanical issues to date. Had the brake squeal addressed, and weak AC, both fixed and I’m happy
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    Oil pressure at idle?

    My buddy’s eco is 20 at idle
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    Lowered the rear 2" last night.

    I’m wondering if it depends on what brand of springs you go with? I went with the accessory partners 2 inch lowering springs on my truck, and have been very happy with how much drop I got out of them. I am almost level, just slightly higher in the rear, but it is not enough to make the truck not...
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    I run an 18” Magnaflow
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    Looking for part number for sport decal on bed sides

    Can't seem to find it anywhere, any help is appreciated. Pic of what I'm looking for:
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    Should I make the jump to an Ecodiesel?

    With all of the deep discounts right now, I was considering jumping into an Ecodiesel again. I have driven one, and it is a really nice drivetrain, better and smoother than the 2014 Ecodiesel I had. I’m torn though, have only had my current Hemi a little over a year, and it just runs fantastic...