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Recent content by Bullcycles

  1. Bullcycles

    Wheel Offset

    Don’t have a rebel or pictures.. but if you check out the link below you can punch in all the numbers/offsets and get what your looking for without the guesswork. punching in your rebel wheels (assuming stock) a -18 offset will give you 1.46” of “stick out” Hope it helps! And welcome...
  2. Bullcycles

    Leaking Rear window

    When i first got my 2019 bighorn, i found the rear window leaking. Found small cracks in the frame on the interior bezel. (Common issue) After all the back and forth with the dealer, i decided to fix it myself. Cost $5. Just grab some Permatex windshield sealant. It flows really well. I just put...
  3. Bullcycles

    Here we go... 2019 DT Transmission noise/issues

    Yeah, bought the truck with real low miles but was still considered “used”.. dealer said the warranty was not transferable.. but after a few phone calls I found out they were full of it. Going to try another dealer under the power train warranty. Still under the assumption they won’t do anything...
  4. Bullcycles

    3 Second Clicking Noise Startup / Shifting gears

    Yeah those are all relays/solenoids.. mostly for the transfer case etc. put it in 4 wheel auto (if available) and you get less "clicks" on startup. Either way all normal. These trucks are noisy.
  5. Bullcycles

    Here we go... 2019 DT Transmission noise/issues

    Looks like the honeymoon is over. My 2019 Bighorn (4x4 5.7 3:21 Non-E-Torque 34000mi) has started making some strange ringing sound. Only happens in gear, any gear at 1800-2000rpm. As soon as you hit that rpm range it rings. Does not happen in park/or neutral. Also happens in 4Hi,Lo, or Auto...
  6. Bullcycles

    Sound from behind shifter noob

    Anyone else have this issue. My 2019 ram just started doing this today. Been silent since I got it untill now. Pretty loud and annoying sounds like the actuator is dying
  7. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    Yes the difference is pretty noticeable with a load in the bed. It’s a lot tighter in the turns. Overall pretty happy with the change. No signs of any wear. Don’t really expect any.
  8. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    For sure.. loading up the dirt bikes this weekend.. they always make the truck feel “mushy” in the turns.. ill know right away if this is helps with a load in the bed. I’ll keep an eye on it all and post results.
  9. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    Process is the same as OEM manufacturing process. They are all “crushed” on a press. Just a different location. I highly doubt they are heat treating or normalizing these parts. Even so the bar itself is made to flex. Been welding fabricating for 20+ years, i know a bit about metallurgy. This...
  10. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    Thanks! Looking at the pics of the Hellwig they are 1” apart on center. So i did the same, 1” center to center. That keeps the connecting rod at a good angle, so not to put much more stress on that part.
  11. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    Well i decided i would just go ahead and be the Guinea pig here… Went ahead and dropped the bar on my lunch hour and take a look. Pretty easy job. You will need a shop press to flatten the tube to allow extra room for the second hole. but after that its cake. Took it for a ride through the...
  12. Bullcycles

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    Anyone try just drilling another hole in the stock swaybar? I know the hellwig is a bit more heavy duty.. but if putting it on the stock setting (rear hole) pretty much feels stock.. then I would assume drilling the stock swaybar would stiffen it up just the same? And free :)
  13. Bullcycles

    Engine Rattle at 2,000 RPM ?

    Old thread I know, but did you ever find the issue. Have the same issue on my 20 1500 5.7. Anyone else have the issue?