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Recent content by buckeyeboy

  1. buckeyeboy

    Rear Under-Seat Storage - Aftermarket Options

    I copied this tip from another user (RodRowe, thank you) AWESOME, with full front-to-back storage, and it looks good! It was a 27 gallon hard plastic storage tub from Home Depot. Paid $6.99, and, I don't think I could buy a more useful storage area (as of now). I cut and fit it in in about half...
  2. buckeyeboy

    Traditional Bedrug or Impact

    Looks good, tight and clean. Nice work. It Goes in great, doesn't it.
  3. buckeyeboy

    Traditional Bedrug or Impact

    It really is... prettier
  4. buckeyeboy

    Running boards.

    Good feedback with the dozens or hundreds of boards available! I bought Ionic 41 series bright running boards. They are not as "BRIGHT" as they sound. More rubber tread shows than chrome. A nice plus. I liked two things. First, I liked the tread. It's (I think) 5 full inches wide and it runs...
  5. buckeyeboy

    Mopar Mud Flaps - Think Again

    Thanks for sharing your problem on this forum with the rest of us, have seen similar warnings to look out for. I just ordered these this morning, hope I did OK, pretty good reviews and about 40% less than weathertech and Husky. I almos t got the husky's (love the floormats) till I found these...
  6. buckeyeboy

    Recommendations for bed mat and retractable tonneau cover?

    Impact mat liner was my choice for durability. Very pleased. Looks great, (only the softer mat, yeah, does look fancier ) It extends over the gate, I just Velcro-ed it across the top, did not remove the panel. have a pic that sort of shows the difference in the textures when installed. (By the...
  7. buckeyeboy

    Mud Flaps

    I found these on Amazon and googled them. Looked at mud the flap threads on here, and missed this. Just ordered them, and thanks to everyone for posting pics of equipment on this forum. VERY helpful. Tecoom Mud Flaps Splash Guards Front and Rear Black Set of 4 for 2019 Ram 1500 w/o OEM Fender...
  8. buckeyeboy

    Traditional Bedrug or Impact

    Good thread. Here is my opinion: I just installed the impact liner on a '19 1500 6ft 4 in bed. The base material is the impact liner, and the attached side walls are the traditional XLT Bedrug material so I have just seen both materials first hand. I keep a hard 3 piece tonneau mounted, so this...