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Recent content by BNeal

  1. BNeal

    How do you update the GPS maps?

    With CarPLay, I have never found a compelling reason to use the built-in gps. The maps are always outdated and it lacks soooo many features CarPlay offers. But hey, that's just me.
  2. BNeal

    Tri-fold Tonneau Cover for 2022 Ram 1500 Limited with rambox and MFT

    This is exactly the way my truck came from the factory, so before I put the cover on - no brackets.
  3. BNeal

    RI moves to TN

    Where on earth did this "hide your plate number" thing come from anyway? Your plate is displayed for the world to see every time you drive your vehicle... don't get it.
  4. BNeal

    Shredding OEM Goodyear tires, sidewalls weather cracking on 3 out of 4 tires

    I would have driven them a few more miles but my truck wouldn't pass inspection, so had no choice. Went with these and love them: https://continentaltire.com/tires/terraincontact-at
  5. BNeal

    Shredding OEM Goodyear tires, sidewalls weather cracking on 3 out of 4 tires

    I only got 18k miles out of my OEM Goodyear tires - junk!
  6. BNeal

    Tri-fold Tonneau Cover for 2022 Ram 1500 Limited with rambox and MFT

    You don't need the brackets if you have both the MFT and the Ram Boxes. I have them both with the MX4 and no brackets.
  7. BNeal

    Tinted Truck But Still Too Hot

    The bottom line is, you're really at the mercy of the shops character and honesty. I paid just under $1000 to have all my glass tinted with the XPEL. I think that's what they installed, but really no way to be sure. For getting baked in this Texas heat, the truck is still hot when I get in it...
  8. BNeal

    Tinted Truck But Still Too Hot

    Looks to me like they are not going down without a fight. And how are you going to prove they used the wrong material?
  9. BNeal

    Show off your Limited Trucks...

    Never owned a vehicle that I like as much as I do this Ram!
  10. BNeal

    Lifted stance options with offset options

    Great looking truck. And Go Rams!!
  11. BNeal

    Tinted Truck But Still Too Hot

    I have ceramic on all glass including sunroof and windshield and my truck is still blistering hot when sitting in this TX sun all day. But it does cool down much faster and my AC seems to run more efficiently. I can't imagine any product that can compete 100+ Texas heat/sun.
  12. BNeal

    My First Ram Order - passed on the Ford

    Congrats, and welcome to the forum. You're going to love your new Ram! I was harcore GM until I saw the 5th gen Ram - the rest is history.
  13. BNeal

    “In and out” sales process?

    Sorry for highjacking this thread, but the question was asked... So, just complete the lease buyout with GM finance - it was a breeze! I called GM, they pointed me to some documents I needed to fill out, called my credit union, they cut a check to GM finance, deal is done and title is on its...
  14. BNeal

    Disable seat belt chime

    At least in my case, I always wear my seatbelt when traveling on public highways. However, my job has me bouncing around construction and ranch sites - I don't need a freakin' seatbelt when traveling 100 yards at 10 mph!
  15. BNeal

    Disable seat belt chime

    Took me a few tries, but I was able to get it to work on my '21 lImited. Make sure when you turn the ignition to the on position, you push it twice. Otherwise you will be Acc, not On.