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Recent content by bbbeeennnjjjeee

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    BEST Cap/Top out there...... RSI SmartCap ?

    Anyone sleeping in these? If so how do you close the tailgate or back window while inside?
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    Back up camera

    I have almost 3000 exactly and it just started too.
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    Audio Upgrades - Experience and Thoughts

    What do you mean about the ANC issues? If you replaced the amp, there is no ANC.
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    Is the 3.21 gear sufficient?

    If it moves when you're on the gas, you're good.
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    BDS 4" Released

    You don't need them. The angle is pretty much spot on compared to factory because of the new knuckle.
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    Reprogram for tire size

    You don't
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    Reprogram for tire size

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    Large Pulsar Tire Size Correction Error

    I corrected my tire size with the Pulsar option. I calibrated it with two different GPS speedos and it is WAY off. I currently have my tire size set to 33" when running a 35 (verified) to get accurate results. I've also verified that it understands the correct diff ratio, etc, etc. tldr: pulsar...
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    Call your dealer. Its just a matter of getting the parts and installing them. Beware that it's a motherfucker to get the front springs in. Expect to pay good money.
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    Subs in a Quad Cab? Update Oct. '20

    The max depth on mine is 5.875 inches. I designed it for a shallow mount JL 10 Inch at 3.375 inches top mount depth. Unfortunately I am pretty slammed but I'd be more than happy to send you the SketchUp file if you wanted to do it yourself. All you need is a circular saw, a square, and a pocket...
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    Any front level kits that don't affect the suspension, aside from 5100s?

    BDS has a 6" kit that will make your truck look like it was supposed to.
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    A Comprehensive Guide to Towing with the 2019 RAM 1500 - Everything You Need to Know!

    Damn, just in general the difference between my truck and a Cummins 2500 isn't that much. I understand it's only paper but I feel good about myself right now.
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    White paint discoloring

    I don't know what else has gone on with your truck but at least in this one respect with paint, you're not alone, it's par for the course, and a lot of other brands have non-frame post assembled parts that don't match worth a ****. You're not going to get anywhere on that one and you should...
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    Fingers Crossed...Brake Squeal Resolved

    Can anyone confirm if the sound is similar to the one I am posting in the videos in the link? https://photos.app.goo.gl/3LB4H5PHNpsy2A4c6