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Recent content by BB22

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    Navigation Subscription

    It was $14.99 per month or $150 if you paid for the whole year up front. That includes free map updates ( if they ever issue one)
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    Navigation Subscription

    Question for those of you with 2022 Uconnect 5 Nav 12" system: The six month trial of the Ram Connect Navigation feature is expiring in a couple weeks. I called Connected Services and they gave me the price to continue the feature. They told me that without renewing this feature, I would lose...
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    Back in December, I had what I thought was a very knowledgeable Uconnect advisor tell me that there would not be an OTA issued until spring at the earliest. The very next day my truck received and OTA update!
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    Post your avg MPG on your Rebel

    Best I’ve ever gotten was 18.6 on an all highway trip doing the speed limit and driving very conservatively. Normal weekly driving is about 50/50 highway and local driving, again driving extremely conservatively I average about 17.3. My 17 Ram Sport would average 17.5 on the same route but I...
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    All the oil viscosity discussions and they change it!!

    I took my 22 Rebel to the dealer yesterday for its first oil change. When they handed me the paperwork after the oil change, I immediately noticed that they put the WRONG oil in it! They put conventional 5w-20 in it instead of the 0w-20 full synthetic! Despite the fact that the oil filler cap...
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    The Ram update site is useless. It never shows that there is an update available, despite the fact that I've had 1 dealer installed update and 2 FOTA updates. The Uconnect advisors do not have access to current updates. The dealers have direct access to Uconnect engineering and are better able...
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    When the Nav is on the full 12" screen, you can double tap the screen to zoom it in a little but the street names are still too small. I never had an issue reading the street names on the Garmin navigation system on my 17 Ram and it had the 8.4 screen.
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    E Torque - Auto stop and start

    Yeah in theory only. Those figures are far off from actual mpgs on these Rams.
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    E Torque - Auto stop and start

    My 22 Rebel does the same thing about half the time. It will shut off with still about another foot or so before the truck is completely stopped. This is especially annoying when I stop and want to go into reverse and the truck shuts off before I can move the shift dial to reverse. When pulling...
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    Grill light hook up

    Just installed 3 grill lights but have not hooked them up to power yet. I’ll be using a relay and want to tap into the drivers side parking light for the trigger on the relay. Does anyone know what wire goes to the parking light? It looks to me like the white wire with brown stripe.
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    2022 Uconnect 5 Traffic and Weather

    The weather didn't work until the last FOTA update. It was working last time I checked. As for the traffic flow, it works about 70% of the time. Sometimes it takes 5-6 minutes before it appears, sometimes it won't work at all for a day or two. As for Tom Tom, it is garbage compared to the Garmin...
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    Uconnect Box Error

    Got a message on the screen this afternoon when I started the truck that said "Uconnect Error, Uconnect box needs servicing" I clicked "Ok" and the message went away. I went through every possible screen and app and everything is working perfectly. As a matter of fact, the entire system has been...
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    Poor gas mileage

    It is definitely deceptive on FCAs part not to have adjusted the mpg figures for the Rebel. Before I bought my Rebel, I looked at the window sticker mpg figures and because it had the E Torque Hemi, I figured that it would compensate for the higher ride height, 392 gears and Duratrac tires but...
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    Poor gas mileage

    I've had my 22 Rebel 5.7 E Torque since late October. The best I could squeeze out of it was 18.6 mpg on an all highway trip. Back and forth to work, 50% highway and 50% city I average 16.5. I am driving it extremely conservatively. My 17 Ram Sport with the standard 5.7 would average 17.5...
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    Buggy UConnect

    My 2014 Rams Uconnect must have been updated at least 20 times and still had issues so I traded it in for a 2017 Ram. It had a couple bugs in the Uconnect but they worked themselves out. I traded that one in for my 2022 Rebel with the Uconnect 5 12". What a mistake! I love the truck but the...