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  1. AngelPhoenix

    Hellwig? Hell, yeah!

    This is one of those extremely rare occasions where the hype on a truck upgrade is real. No one is claiming it will turn your truck into a sports car, but everyone says it makes a noticeable difference and that's 100% right.
  2. AngelPhoenix

    F-150 Lightning Epic tow test fail

    You bring up a lot of good points honestly, but the issue is that it seems the government wants to regulate and strangle the fossil fuel industry to semi-indirectly force people into EV's that don't want them, and would be in a (potentially much) worse situation transportation-wise as a result...
  3. AngelPhoenix

    Mickey Thompson Baja Boss A/T

    I am leaning pretty hard toward the Toyos but these are close behind. I still have like 30-40k miles left on my current tires so idk why I'm doing this to myself lol
  4. AngelPhoenix

    Will Hellwig help roll from front leveling kit?

    Yeah, just get the Hellwig. Super easy to put on (I'm like 5% mechanically inclined and I was able to do it 😅). Start on the middle setting, move it to the tightest if that's not quite doing it for you.
  5. AngelPhoenix

    My wife says no more upgrades

    Try responding with, "Okay honey, no more purse or shoe upgrades." See how that goes... But seriously, great looking truck! Kinda looks like a 2500 with the stance, tires, and bumper/windshield guards.
  6. AngelPhoenix

    Will Hellwig help roll from front leveling kit?

    I have the ReadyLift 1.5 (for air sus) and I can feel the truck lean into the turns just a tiny bit more than it did before the lift (which I actually like...the wife...not so much lol). But the thing the Hellwig was doing best before, it still does; prevents that bed/body snap-back coming OUT...
  7. AngelPhoenix

    Android Auto full screen?

    Yeah, it's coming. Google "Android Auto Coolwalk", it should pull some useful info. Supposed to be ready before the end of the summer but with Google's software engineers, who knows. Could hit next week and be awesome, could hit in December and be jank lol. I'm looking forward to it though. I...
  8. AngelPhoenix

    Driver's seat is brutal!

    I can tell you that it takes me weeks of major adjustments, and months of minor adjustments to find my exact right comfortable positions in almost ANY vehicle. But once I did with my Ram, it really is perfect and I feel zero discomfort even on super long drives (like 8+ hours with a couple...
  9. AngelPhoenix

    Supercharging the 5.7

    I'll probably just get some headers and cams down the line (if I keep mine past the 3 year/36k mi. mark ). That combined with my Airflow CAI and more open exhaust (and then a tune when everything is done) will get me a pretty juicy +80-90HP or so. Good enough for me for only a few grand total.
  10. AngelPhoenix

    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    It will make no difference as it blows the doors off the Lambo from the sound...
  11. AngelPhoenix

    Towing sway

    That's pretty huge for any half-ton. I mean, it can be done but it's gonna be close to the top end of the specs of even a lightly equipped Bighorn, never mind a Limited, especially if it's loaded up to close to it's max GVWR 😕
  12. AngelPhoenix

    Mopar’s “Ram Airflow” Cold-Air Intake System For Ram 1500:

    Yeah, there's very little practical difference, mostly the look.
  13. AngelPhoenix

    Air Suspension Level - ReadyLift 1.5inch

    Those are at the top of my shortlist for new tires when it's time. How's the ride on pavement? Any rubbing at full turn-lock?
  14. AngelPhoenix

    Air Suspension Level - ReadyLift 1.5inch

    Look great! What tires are those? Can't quite tell from the pics...
  15. AngelPhoenix

    What did you do to your Ram today???

    Looks sick dude! Just the right amount of lift. Love the hydro blue on Rebels.