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Recent content by ALT_F13

  1. ALT_F13

    How many miles did your new Ram come with on the odometer

    Mine has 150 miles and Carfax shows two oil changes, since it was on dealer's lot for almost a year. Many CDJR dealers reset odometer to 0 every few weeks. On RAM DT the procedure is very simple, one technical can reset the odometer of the whole parking lot within an hour. Each test drive is...
  2. ALT_F13

    Running board suggestions needed

    I went with cheap running boards from Amazon, $240. https://amzn.to/3e2mXyR 10 out 10 in terms of comfort getting in and out, easy to install. Few years of heavy use and they still look like new. They definitely suck off road, but "off road style" running boards are way less comfortable for my...
  3. ALT_F13

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Yes 😀
  4. ALT_F13

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Plowing some fresh snow
  5. ALT_F13

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Hey, why still no pictures of Rebels in the snow? Do I need to be the first one this season? ;)
  6. ALT_F13

    TRX baby brother

    Handling on wet roads is fantastic comparing to narrow Duratracs! :)
  7. ALT_F13

    Tire size increased but speedometer still appears accurate

    Went from 33 to 35, and for some reason 80 mph speed still shows as 80 mph on the dash. Don't understand how it worked, maybe truck calibrated the speedometer using GPS data from time to time. But I will be checking what tire size is set up in the settings, since I need to modify tire pressure...
  8. ALT_F13

    Post your Rebel pics!

    My solution was: 1. Bilstein 5100s shocks in the front (2" extra lift) 2. Front wheel well modifications, including the removal of fake small mud flaps and some magic with heat gun and zip ties 3. 1.5" hub-centric wheel spacers (TRX wheels have stud pockets, so no grinding was required) Not an...
  9. ALT_F13

    Post your Rebel pics!

    Swapped TRX wheels instead of stock Rebel wheels. +1" of ground clearance, wider stance. TRX tires are way more comfortable on the highway comparing to Duratracs. And I'm not doing unintentional burnout anymore on every uphill traffic light launch when it is raining.
  10. ALT_F13

    TRX baby brother

    Thanks man! I've ended up with installing 1.5" spacers and modifying the front wheel wells. No rubbing at all, there is plenty of space there.
  11. ALT_F13

    I got some TRX take offs on my Rebel

    Just curious - any updates on this one? Have you installed 3/4 spacers?
  12. ALT_F13

    TRX baby brother

    Is using 2" wheel spacers really required to fit these wheels on Rebel, or it is more for the looks? I'm curious if a small spacer like 3/8" will clear the upper control arm, and such small spacer will not kill bearings long term.
  13. ALT_F13

    TRX baby brother

    Main question - where you guys are getting TRX wheels from? Are you buying OEM wheels and tires separately, or you were lucky to find used ones on Ebay/Craigslist?
  14. ALT_F13


    I've returned two weeks ago from a trip to BC on my Rebel (real Rebel :)), and I saw a lot of RAM 1500 Sport trucks. I was curious what is that, and yes, I've learned that they have RAM 1500 Sport in Canada that we don't have in US, but window sticker says just "RAM 1500 SPORT", Rebel is not...
  15. ALT_F13

    Next body style RAM 1500?

    Truck market in 2024 may be very different front now. As for now, Stellantis promises to deliver RAM EV in 2024, and most probably next generation of ICE models will arrive around that time. But for me EV is not only about electric power, but also about technology associated with it. You can do...