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    Slam goes the Trans!!

    Negative. If you buckle the belt after drive is selected it will release the brake - there's a small delay, but it will allow you to roll away with just a touch of throttle.
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    navigation info vs odometer

    I think that's because it accounts for the delivery miles traveled either by rail or trailer.
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    Latest Uconnect software update on 8.4"

    It didn't fix the theme reset on remote start, but it fixed the sound quality for phone calls
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    Can anybody confirm this dial works?

    If you have a BigHorn the only ambient lighting you have shines down from the overhead console onto the cupholders. The dial dims that light. It took me a while to figure that out.
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    Tow Mirrors, power folding option?

    Personally, I'm more disappointed by the lack of heat that the power folding. Any thoughts on the possibility of retrofitting this feature?
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    2019 Ram - UConnect and Android Auto Weirdness

    Yes - there's definitely an option to turn the auto braking off. I had no choice but to do so. My parksense still alarms when I pull in, but now I'm able to back in. In my last vehicle, I had no problem using maps while my phone was in power saving mode, but I had a problem using Waze unless...
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    2019 Ram - UConnect and Android Auto Weirdness

    Hi all - I've got a 2109 Bighorn with navigation. Absolutely love the truck - fit and finish is great, as is ride and capability. Only a couple of pans, starting with the parksense with rear autostop. The first time I brought the truck home I couldn't get up my driveway! Anyway, I'm...