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Ram 1500 Laramie Quad Cab 4x4 Rugged Brown, Leather Trim Bucket Seats, Trailer Tow Group, Level 1 Equipment, Anti Spin Axle, 5.7 Hemi, Real Wheelhouse Liners, 33 Gallon Fuel Tank, 20" Premium Wheels. Added Ram Splash Guards, Front Tow Hooks, and Ram Running Boards. Built Date 1/19/19 Took Possession on 2/2/19
2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4X4, Crew Cab Diamond Black Crystal Pearl Coat, Black Leather, 5.7 Hemi MDS VVT, Trailer Tow Group, Level 1 Equipment Group, Dual Pane Sunroof, Fuel Wheels Maverick Wheels, Michelin LTX A/T2 Tires, Mopar Bed Step.
Hey Zig! im curious about the light bar you installed. How did you mount it so that its straight and goes out far enough to go past the back up camera wiring? those square pads aren't really that thick to make it past the wiring. do you screw in plastic spacers to the plastic then use the pads? id love to see pics of how its mounted if possible
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Just used a bit of weather stripping foam on the back of the zip tie connector and screwed it into the plastic trim. No issues so far.
New to the forum. I just factory orders my truck a week ago. Do you have the Ram order link so I can check my build status. I don’t seem to see it on any of the posts. Thanks.
3-13-19, Ordered new 2019 Laramie level 2, 2500 6.4, mega cab, ram box utility group, 4x4, sport appearance package, blue streak pearl, black interior, rear air suspension, dual alternators, bed utility group, protection group, safety group, towing technology group, Uconnect 12.0 w/ Navigation...

4-7-19, Dealer only tells me that the truck is in D1 status and has nothing more to tell me.
What type of issues were you having exactly? I am currently in the process of waiting for my new transmission. I would put my truck in to drive and it would feel like it was in park. When I increase the RPMs it clocked into gear and mind you this was only 170 miles on it. I’d like to know if you were having the same issue as I was or if it was a different type of shifter knob issue. Thank you
2019 ram laramie 1500 4 wheel drive ivory exterior tan interior 5.7 hemi 392gear ratio limited slip package 2 chrome package bed package
I'm sitting here reading all the different problems we have with our new ram trucks why doesn't dodge recognize them and try to resolve them especially the interior road noise i have a 62,000 dollar truck and when i took to the dodge dealer he said it sounded normal.i always was a gmc truck owner and this is my second ram and now i which i test drove a new gmc
What part of the bay area are you from?
Im from NY
Sorry. this forum is new to me and haven't figured it out yet.
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What are you guys going to do about the gas tank situations? I have a 60k truck that will only hold 21 gallons max, it spills out after that. I have seen others with the same problem so I know its not just me. Please let me know if they have any solutions because my dealer didnt fix the problem either.
Hello all... I just finished test driving a 2019 longhorn 1500 without air suspension. I also test drove a 2019 limited with air suspension. Both trucks had the 22's. Call me crazy, but the longhorn was a much smoother ride. Now I'm undecided on air suspension option. It was one of the main reasons I wanted the truck.

Anyone have opinions one any or another? Likes, dislikes with the air ride?
Air ride all day. Unless you were driving in sub zero temperature which would cause the air suspension to be a little stiffer than usual, there air ride should have been smoother without a doubt