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Hey Jimmy Still doing harnesses? looking for a set for a 2021 Ram 1500 crew cab and lead time, shipped to 28590
Thanks Kevin
2021 Laramie crew cab, 5.7 eTorque, 3.21 gears, loaded with creature comfort features. S&B CAI, Magnaflow cat back, tonneau cover ordered.
I think you liked my post on 285 65 20 tires and wanted information. How can I help?
Does your truck have the factory ORP, or was it standard suspension, did the ride change with the 2” motofab? truck looks great!
hey guys anyone else experiencing heater fan cut out and trans shifting issue when hot outside? dealer replaced fan motor already
I'm still down for the Tazer DT. Although I'm getting ready to order it really soon. So if this takes more weeks I'll be out cause I'm getting impatient. :)
I have a DR750X-2CH Plus camera that I want to use with the Wi-Fi Hotspot in my 1500 RAM Longhorn. Should I be able to use the WiFi hotspot from AT&T to connect the camera to the Cloud?
Yes, you should be able to connect.
additional discussions with the "technical support" at Pitasoft - the DR750X series cannot detect a Wi-Fi Hot Spot operating at 5 GHz. The cameras can only detect 2.4 GHz Hot Spots. I bought an LTE module, put in a Verizon SIM card, and, after putsing around for hours, finally got the cellular connection to the Cloud I needed, Zero help from the Verizon "technical" folks.
Are you still doing the color matched bumper plugs? Depending on price I'm interested, just ordered a 2022 Laramie 1500 in Hydro Blue Pearl and the bumper holes are something I've noticed on the few 2021's I've seen on the lots and I'm assuming they aren't going away for the 2022's. I'm in Calgary Alberta Canada (Postal code is T2J6G3)
2021 RAM 1500 4X4 Bighorn Crew Cab LWB Zone Off-road 6" Lift Kit with Fox Performance Elite 2.5 coilovers w/DSC adjusters. Gear Off-road 22X10 wheels and Baja Boss A/T 325/50R22 tires.
My Dealer told me I would have to live with a clicking noise coming from my 2020 (Laramie) with 5,045 miles..I called Ram Cares customer service and they contacted my Local Dealership and told them they WOULD FIX my truck and make me happy or there would be action against them at the REGIONAL OFFICE….Dealership fixed my truck ..with parts they ordered Air Freight overnight . RAM CARES CUSTOMER SERVICE IS GREAT…
Hey, I saw you posted a bed cover and step for sale. Are they still available?
The step is. Bedcover is sold. Sorry for the delayed response.
If you still have the step I'll come to baytown and pay 200 for it. Just let me know.
Can I add anything to my 3.5 ready lift to add height to my Ram without replacing the ready lift?
Hard to believe, but the same thing just happened to me today, Sept. 19, 2021. I am at the mid point of a cross country trip from FL, spending most of the time in AZ and UT at many of the national parks. Just tried a fix using super glue. It is holding so far, but I don't plan to touch it until tomorrow. Will let you know if it worked.