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2021 Ram 1500 Limited Black Night Edition. Hemi without Etorque, anti spin, 3.92, 33 tank, panoramic, trailer break control, bed group. Ordered 4-10-21
Hi, you replied to my post about my 2019 never getting any OTA updates.

The VIN is 1C6SRFPT2KN679428
the application version is USA-SBX-12.1.NR-
Technically there is an update available for your vehicle. It comes under service bulletin/recall W33. It would update your radio to LR34.2 It needs stick number 1682 to do it. A tech knows what that means. Tell them to look at RC-W33-20. I could email you a copy of the zip file. If your radio is working properly, you should probably leave well enough alone. Let me know what you want to do.
2020 Bighorn 1500 Quad Cab
3.5 inch lift, 34×11 inch tires
4 inch Black Oval Nerf Bars
Pulsar and PC78
20 inch Chrome Factory Wheels
Ordered 3/9/21 Limited, Grantie Crystal, Ecodiesel, 3.92, Limited slip, block heater, limited level 1, skid plates, bed utility group, mulit-function tailgate, dual pane sunroof
Total in cost for Vice hidden winch mount , relocatable control box, remote clutch adapter and Smittybuilt X20 winch 12000. all in with delivery $1572.39.
got an email back from Vice. they don not support the badland winch. the remote clutch will not match up. Only for the warn and smittybuilt. I went ahead and ordered the hidden mount with relocatable control box and clutch controls. Ordered the Smittybuilt X20 second gen winch 12000. Waiting now for delivery.
I ordered a ram 6 weeks ago,, where is my truck
Go on the Ram website, there is a page where you can enter your order number (from dealer) and find out.
Can't find this link to enter order number 😩
2021 1500 Ltd, EcoDiesel, Maximum Steele, Level 1, Sunroof - ordered 3/10, VIN 3/12. Patience is hard. 2002 Dakota last new truck...
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Similar to yours Every20years; Lonestar 1500, 4x4, EcoDiesel, Maximum Steel, Level 1, Bucket seats, 6.4 bed, 33 gallon tank, Off Road package, some other incidentals. I ordered mine on 3/12, got the VIN from Dealer today. Status is D - Firm schedule, serial number assigned. Ram Chat says they are gathering parts and to check back in a week.