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19' Limited, Patriot Blue, Black leather, body color bumpers, 5.7L Hemi, 3.92 limited slip rear, Pano, floating on air suspension. Still can't believe they took away 3 cameras just because of the tow mirrors, that don't even power fold. Sorry just had to vent about that.
I am new to the order tracking, and my name is not on the formatted list but my vehicle is the second one on the Data list. How often or when is the next update.
Hello Jared, I did the $30 up grade on Sunday 10/7 and I see the the big guy is on vacation. My Ram is not listed on the format, but I did find it in the RAW page, I am the second one from the top there. The dealer did not send my order thru till 8/28 but I placed my order on 8/18. The spread sheet states last update 10/7, can you tell me when will the next update take place. Thanks
Having lots of issues with my tailgate leaking on my 2019 RAM Longhorn 5.7 box. Even with a folding hard cover this thing leaks like crazy! There are huge gaps on both sides of the tailgate where it should meet the bed. I can stick my fingers through the gaps.
Black diamond pearl coat, chrome bumpers, chrome mirrors, Harmon Kardon audio system, power running boards.
2019 Dodge Ram Tradesman Quad Cab, 4x4 , 5.7 Hemi Engine, 8 Speed Automatic, Basic steel wheels, White exterior color, Black interior, 392 Rear Differential
1959 Dodge D100 Hot Rod : sitting on a S10 Chassis and S10 Drivetrain. Our Parts Truck
1936 Ford Pickup Hot Rod : All original except for the 330 Desoto Hemi & Auto Transmission , 9" Rear w/ 323 gears
1963 Pontiac Star Chief 4 door Sedan, 389 c.i. with 325 HP
Please add my '19 Rebel to your list of poor performing A/C. Center vent temps are about 8-10 degrees off according to your chart vs outside temps. Had it at the dealer and was a touch low on freon, evac and recharged, but made no difference. VIN # 1C6SRFLT6KN529554
Can the length of a crew cab with 6' 4" bed be that long that no one is ordering them? All I see on the road is the squat 5' 7". Frustrated with the wait for 6' 4" with rambox, heck it will take till 2020. Any predictions on availability? I'm a broken record, but geez, get it together ram...
IMO the proportions of a 6ft crew cab look better and I really wanted one. Also the bed space and hauling drywall with the tailgate down and nothing hanging off is a plus. But fitting in my garage was more important. So to answer your question: yes, it is too long. If I didn’t have a garage I wouldn’t have gotten the five foot. I almost got a quad cab to solve the length problem but my son is 6’ 7”.
Can you tell me how much you paid for the rear cover? Looking at getting one for my limited was hoping get a good price on one since they are so dam pricey
James how are you my name is Scott Wilson I'm new to this form and saw that you could help with rebates and such. I'm looking to purchase a new 2019 Ram 1500 this coming weekend and any help would be appreciated. thank you
Jared, I have just ordered a new 2019 Ram Limited & wanted to track the truck but do not know how to upgrade to get tracking. I do have a Vin now. Can you assist me please
I just bought a 2019 Ram 1500 Limited 4X4, Delmonico Red Pearl with preferred package 25M. Level 1 equipment group, air suspension. I live in south Texas and this is my 4th Ram truck. When I purchased my truck I had an issue with the 12" screen not saving my stations and locking up. It was VERSION 1.00 SXE_DL_V1.20.03, after repair and upgrade it is now VERSION 1.20 SXE_DL_V1.20.12. Newest version I'm told out there
How is the new version working for you. I am currently having my screen freezing, time disappears and the Uconnect app does not remote start my vehicle. It is going into the dealer 9-17-18. Hopefully, they will get it working right.