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I have the 2019 Longhorn , I’m looking to put 24 inch rims and the 35/12.50/24 hadia mud champ tires on. But don’t know what lift to use or how high to go. I have no interest in putting my truck off road. Any information will be helpful
Did you do the wind noise fix yourself or in conjunction with a Dealer Service Department. If the latter, what dealership was it?

A write up you might be interested in. If you have any thoughts, impressions or ideas please let me know.
Pepper, this tonnau cover for RB and MF Tailgate got a bit confusing. I saw your post that you have RB and MF gate and the Retrax MF Pro works nicely. True? thanks Jeff (1JK)
I remembered this. I saw this video and it helped to convince me that the Retrax would work with RB and MFT.
Awesome. my next question was if any covers would work with the bed utility gp cargo tie down rails, and the truck in the video has it. tks.
Thanks Pepper. Im going to order one. Jeff
I would like to order a set in Delmonico Red (PRV) please. New to forum, please advise as to how to get them from you.
A very nice RV Very clean, hardly used, Gel coat Body. Under 7.5 tonnes.Very Spacious a joy to drive NON HGV Ideal for full time living. Available for sale at Mobile RV Maintenance

I am pretty much sure you will fall in love with this.
I could due a total of $290 to your door. Let me know. Thanks Mark.
Thank you but ill pass on that for now. I can get them for $325 new from my dealership. Thank you for the help.
No problem.
Did the update work for you?
I never had any update done. After they swapped the radio months back the app commands worked for a few days then died. I spent days on the phone with Uconnect and Sirius and it magically started working again. I don’t know if they sent an OTA update or what but it’s been working ever since.
I saw your link for the manual. Filled out the information and says there is no manual for my vehicle.
If there is a printed manual please send a copy. I would really like to have one.
Thank you in advance.

Kevin McCartney
What is up Guys I have been messing with the bed lights on my 2019 Ram Rebel for the last day or so and thanks to this feed I think I found the pin issue so fingers crossed it fixes it and I will update everyone on the next YouTube video on Hammerdown Motorsports