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What's a Good Interior Detailer?


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Jul 15, 2021
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I’ve always used 303 but decided to give chemical guys a try and I love it! Definitely has helped with the dust issue I don’t have to wipe my dash down every morning (I’m a bit ocd on that one)


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Jan 19, 2019
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^^Those are all shiny protectants, not interior detailers. Best I have is Adams total interior protection and Nextzett C0ckpit Premium. No dressing of any sort, no sheen, just safe/ mild clean and UV protection.
I use both of these also. Adams does have an anti static claim to it that does seem to work pretty good.


Aug 8, 2021
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Tampa, FL
Nextzet - Previously known as 1Z Einszett. German products and will leave the interior matte, not shiny, and will NOT collect dust! Even better, close to factory smell, it doesn't have a fruity add in or any of that crap. I have used Einszett for ... about 12 years now. The company folded but engineers re-established the same formula under the new name. I can't stand the 'shiny' effect most US stuff has, including CG (chemical guys) - too much silicone, which is what collects dust.

Go matte, non-reflective, non-static. Premier ****pit and ****pit Cleaner I think. One is a deep cleaner, the premier protects for UV damage and leaves a matte feel/look.

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