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Oct 22, 2018
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Stillwater mn
Update. Dealer is ordering parts for the missing bolts. New front bumper. New brakes.
I called ram directly they opened a case on my vehicle for lemon law.

Said they'd call my dealer the next day. They didn't do that. (been 4 days)

My tailgate doesn't open 90% of the time.

Still tows like poop. Wobbles a lot. Stereo blows. Dealer was supposed to call back a week ago and didn't. Pbr guy didn't look at my crease on the door nor the door ding I have. Gotta bring it in on the 8th. Can't get a truck or a jeep to use my sled to bring it to a few shows. It's not in their "rental fleet"

My front panels on the truck flex and move when I leaned against em. That normal? All other cars I've had don't do that..
Ive had a audi q7. Ford focus. Older dodge. And so forth.


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Jan 31, 2019
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Love my Ram but I feel it has one of the worst paint jobs I've seen on a new truck. Sure , it is glossy and all when it is clean but the orange peel and the durability of it is horrible. My truck has 5000 miles on it and for that amount of driving I feel the paint just doesn't look like something with 5k miles. I will not drive through a car wash and use a foam cannon for washing.

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