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  1. Softaildeuce

    Rough Country Bull Bar Surface Rust

    I recently installed a rough country bull bar. I noticed after the first snow storm it has surface rust already. Anyone else having this issue? I haven’t reached out to them yet. I attached a pic.
  2. H

    2019 Laramie oil pan and plug rust at 9000 miles

    My 2019 Laramie Sport has 9000 mi on it. I had the dealer change the oil at 4500 miles and I decided to do it myself at 9000 mi. I'm glad I did because I found corrosion around the plug hole and the plug gasket melted to it. Also spots starting farther up the pan. Pic attached. This has only...
  3. thabiiighomie

    Will PPF do the same job as Fender Flares on a Bright White 2019 Ram 1500 with Sport Appearance Package?

    I just ordered the truck WITHOUT OE Fender Flares. I am going to have PPF put on the whole front end including headlights and fog lights, rocker panels, bottom 1/4 of each door, and around the fenders. Should I have ordered the Original Equipment Fender Flares? Also installing Weather Tech...
  4. 19RAMSRU

    Quality?? Maybe I'm just knit picking

    Hey guys I'd like to start off by saying I got the truck on Halloween. October 31 of 2018. I have the off road package. Axle lock. Towing package 3.9x gearing. I live in Minnesota. So the roads are constantly salty and sandy during the winter and spring months. I have roughly 10,000 miles...
  5. V

    Rust prevention??

    Hey all, coming from an aluminum F-150, the main thing I'm worried about on the new 1500 is rust. I live in an area with a lot of rain (vancouver) and is very moist too. Any suggestions on how to keep the car rust free (shorterm/longterm). Factory rust proofing...blow drying...skid plates...etc...