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New Laramie Non Nav Unit


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Mar 5, 2019
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New to forum as well as Ram trucks. Leased 2019 Laramie used to be F150 guy but went with Ram due technology and overall appearance. Salesman said don’t worry about non-nav unit it can be upgraded and I wasn’t overly worried about cause it had CarPlay but the features such as phone usage via uconnect app, travel link, etc is something of value and now more so since it can’t be upgraded to via software update. Secondly, it said via website that my unit had HD radio, but it does not. I’ve complained to my salesman and the dealership as a whole as they were as much in the dark about this issues as the consumers are. Dodge/Chrysler is going to ultimately have to address this issue as this is more about disclosure than anything. But until they get the 12 in screen operating flawlessly I am afraid we all will be waiting for a long time. The dealership is researching the issue and if they can’t do simple update like years past they have offered to swap unit out since the were as much uninformed as I was.

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