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Camper shells for rambox


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Jul 24, 2020
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I have a 2020 ram 1500 with the rambox in the 5'7" bed. I have seen the thread on here asking about how guys are getting camper shells on these trucks while still being able to use the rambox and have seen the video with the gray ram 2500 using the topperezlift, which is what I want to use. My question is if anyone has placed a shell on them yet? If so what year and or model truck did you take it off from if it isnt new? I know that the fitment on a used shell may not be perfect, but I really dont want to spend 2200 for a new shell. Plus all of the manufacturers are telling me that they dont make one for the rambox beds. Would a shell for a regular 5'7" bed fit the same bed with the rambox? The front of the bed is wider than the rear so I assume its goign to have to be a shell built for a ram truck, I just wonder if any of the earlier generations of rams were built this way as well. Any info you guys could provide would be great.

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