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bed cover

  1. Thecrowgrandfather

    Wanted Truck bed cover with lock

    I'm looking to move across the country soon and would like to get a truck cover that fits the 6.4inch truck bed and has a lock to secure it. Does anyone have some recommendations? I don't want a clamshell top, as you lose a lot of bed space. Thanks.
  2. srrufner

    Camper shells for rambox

    I have a 2020 ram 1500 with the rambox in the 5'7" bed. I have seen the thread on here asking about how guys are getting camper shells on these trucks while still being able to use the rambox and have seen the video with the gray ram 2500 using the topperezlift, which is what I want to use. My...
  3. 1500Bear

    Camper top / Cap with Ramboxes

    Has anyone ever seen, owned, built a camper top or bed cap that works with ramboxes AND retains the function of the ramboxes? I've seen the Topper Lift setups for a variety of campers but I really dislike the mounting posts inside the bed taking up real estate, wiring, power, etc. It's not a...
  4. FlyNavy

    SOLD!!!! BAKFLip MX4