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Sep 1, 2019
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Bought a 2019 Rebel last night. Traded in my 2012 Ford FX4, Ecoboost. I had 1998 and 2003 Dodges. Ford was falling about, backup camera and rear window failed, burning oil and steering wheel controls were glitchy. I was averaging 17.5 for 125k miles. Looked at Chevy RSTs, looks good on outside, interior not so much. I commute 60 miles a day (2-3 hours), interior comfort is important. I’m 53, went to GA Tech but ended up with a red and black Rebel. I’ll put some Falcon and Atlanta United bling on it to dissuade UGA comments. Though red was not my first choice, $10k off on a 2019, I can like red. I paid less for my Rebel than my Ford in 2012.
Found this site as the manual sucks. More about child seats than key fob use, suspension setting...


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Jan 5, 2019
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People’s Republic of New Jersey
Welcome and congrats. Make sure you grab this extra rebate.

Make sure you go file for this additional rebate. Seems like they have been having problems with vin numbers being in the system so you have to call them so they send you the actual app. Do it 60 days of purchase. Many of us have already received our checks. No strings attached.

The only qualification is that “someone in your household” must have a non-FCA vehicle.


Direct link to form (you DO NOT have to have Allstate insurance):


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