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Aftermarket speakers install


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Mar 26, 2022
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Hello all, hope I can have some help with this issue and enjoy my speaker system

I have purchased a 2019 ram 1500 Big Horn with the 8 inch screen non alpine with a factory Amp under the driver seat.

I have installed the recommended mtx terminator 69 60 watt, kicker 43dsc69304 rear speakers, and the kicker csc354 tweeters, with the red wolf wire harnesses found on Amazon. The dash harness were in reverse so I reverse them to be with the purple wire and the red wire for positive and yellow for negative throughout the whole system.

The sound was working perfectly at first for about 15 minutes. I noticed that when I launch my aimp media player, YouTube, or even Spotify the sound has a buzzing background whenever vocals or bass comes into play. Best way to describe is whenever any music is playing, there's a swarm of bees behind it. I played with the equalizers, tried Android auto and Bluetooth, and nothing is better than the other. It's scratching my head and annoying me to the point to just reverse everything and return it all, but the factory speakers are just terrible.

My only assumption is when I was installing the dash tweeters, I accidently ripped one of the harness cables, and tried to re crimp the negative cable but I feel like it's still loose. Other than that I've triple checked all the cables with the multimeter and everything.

I have also installed the anc bypass with the Amp to eliminate mate the droning issue. I tried without it to see if the buzzing would go away and it did not as well.
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