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Advice on Tire size -


Sep 1, 2020
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Sorry if this has already out there. I'm new to the site and looking to get some advice/feedback on new tires for my 2019 1500 big horn quad cab.

I had a level kit installed and now wanting to upgrade my tires situation. Wanting to get some BF Goodrich KO2s on and wanted to see what people are running size wise with a standard level. Was looking at 35X12.5R 18/10 123R BFG ALL TERRAIN T/A KO2 on my stock 18inch wheels (getting them powder coated black). Anyone running something similar? Have any issues with rubbing? have any photos?

Thank you in advance. First time truck owner, so sorry if this doesn't make sense. Also, if anyone has recommendations on a better route/setup to go with I'd gladly take the advice.

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