Added some new functionality

Jared B

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We have just added some more functionality to the forum which will hopefully result in a better user experience.

First is the option to subscribe to daily emails with links to the 5 most popular new topics from the previous day. This can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on email subscription. Everyone is currently opted out of that and opting in is totally up to you.

Screenshot (21)_LI.jpg

Secondly and I think this will be one that people will really like, now when you start a new thread as you are typing in the title the forum will show you a list of similar threads underneath. This way you can see right away whether this specific topic has already been created, you can click right on the name and it will take you to that thread instead so you can see the discussion right away. If there is nothing that is relevant of course you can just go on creating your post as normal.

Screenshot (22).png

If you guys come across any bugs with the plug ins please let me know. (y)

We will also be upgrading to the newest version of the forum software at some point over the next few days so the forum might be down for an hour or so at some point.