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Utah adventures

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Aug 8, 2020
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Can someone explain the drivetrain for me. Im a recently converted from chevy guy. Im 40 yrs old and just bought my 1st ram. Im camping in the mountains since I can now pull my camper up to the top of the mountain lol. Anyway im unhooked leaving camp. Im a little off camber in a small rutt. Nothing to be worried about right. My wife's Honda could do fine. However im stuck. ONLY 1 WHEEL IS SPINNING!!! My son had to put it in 4x4 to drive forward. Why did that happen? Never in all my life had that happen in a chevy. Is the 4x4 in the ram 1 front and 1 rear?
Yes my son could backed up or done anything different and continued in 2 wheel drive but he's just learning to drive.
2020 Laramie 3500


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Sergeant Jim

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May 15, 2020
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Limited slip Rear axle IS a $495 option on All Trims, so if you don't have it or the Electronic Locking Rear axle Option $545, then yes you have to put in 4WD to have more than the one wheel spinning. I had to order my 2021 Limited because none of the 2020's left in the area (Southern Michigan) had Limited Slip ordered by the Dealer and I won't drive in the winter without it.

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