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2022 Rebel with loose steering - tie rod busted?


Aug 10, 2020
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My 2022 Rebel is a sweet truck. I love it so much, huge upgrade from my F-150 Lariat. I only have about 3,000 miles on the odometer, but recently I have started to notice the steering wheel won't center, road crowns pull me around a lot more than usual, and I am feeling a ton of feedback in the steering wheel. Something just feels "off".

While doing my oil change the other day, I realized that the driver side tie rod endlink looks like it might have failed. There is a ton of oily/dirty residue all around the area where it is mounted to the upright/knuckle.

Here is a video of my truck side-by-side with my gym coach's Laramie. He has a lot more miles and use on his truck, and it feels solid here. I can hardly jiggle his wheel with my hands, but my Rebel wheel is wiggling all over the place.

I've got a dealer appointment for June 30th (first available unfortunately) but until then I was wondering if y'all had experienced any of these issues? I am not too worried about it, just hope the dealership finds the issue and fixes it right without the "it is within spec" excuse.


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